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    At approx. 2254 hours on 12.10.02, Engine Co. 3 was assigned to check out smoke in the area of their station on Monroe Rd. Only moments after being dispatched E3 reported a working fire in the Castle Wood Apts on Monroe Rd. with victims still in the building. As E3 took command, the crew went to work evacuating occupants. Rescue Co. 3 quickly came in to assist with the sweep of the building. At 2256hours, the working fire was dispatched for 6405 Monroe Rd. assigning BC4, E14, E29, L29, and R3 (already working) to the box. As E3 continued evacuating adjacent residences, being assisted by CMPD officers, R3 pulled a line from E3 and went to the 2nd floor where the fire was located in Div. A and B. As the box companies began arriving, BC4 took command, E29 or 14 picked up the hydrant, L29 laddered and vented, E14 pulled a backup line to the number 2 floor. Once all companies went to work Alarm called command to see if they were in the vacinity of 6519 Monroe Rd. due to reports of another working fire. Command advised that he could not see that address from their location and that all of his companies were working.

    At about 2312hours, BC3, E19, E6, E1, and L23 were dispatched for a second possible fire at 6519 Monroe Rd. in the Castle Wood Apts. BC1? who was enroute to the previous fire diverted to the second possible fire. BC5 picked up the call, so that BC3 could be left in the Uptown Area. Shortly after dispatch, BC1? arrived, reporting on the scene, directly across from the Three House, a working fire in a 2story wood frame apartment complex. WFD @ 2315hours, added E23, R10, and BC? E19, 1st due, pulled an attack line on the rapidly advancing fire, while E14 from the first fire came over to pick up the hydrant. E14 began pumping to both fires, E1 and E6 pulled additional attack lines to try and cut off the fire from extension. L23 laddered, while E23 did a primary search on the building.

    At about 2324hours, BC3, E15, E64, E4, and L1 were dispatched for a 3rd reported fire at 6523 Monroe Rd. and at that time a 2nd alarm was transmitted for 6519 Monroe Rd. bringing in BC2, E7, E16, E5, and L4. E8 also responded. The 3rd fire was determined by BC3 to be only smoke from the previous 2 fires, but the companies were brought into staging due to the nature and proximity of the other fires. The second alarm assignment was cancelled, due to the arriving companies from the 3rd box. BC5, asked for a working channel to conduct fire patrol of the area with the additional companies. E4, E8, E15, E64, E4, and L1 parolled the area searching for additional possible sets. After it was determinned that there were no additional fires in the area, the patrol units were released.

    The Three House was opened up as a temp. shelter for the almost 15 victims displaced. It also served as media, medic, red cross, and additional fire company and investigation staging. Control time on the situation was called at 0012hours. Matthews FD covered company move up to E29/L29 while Robinson FD covered company move up to E23/L23.
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