Worker Injured After Falling Into Sand Hopper
Man Buried To Chest In Sand

December 11, 2002
ORLANDO, Fla. -- A contruction worker in Orlando was engulfed in sand Wednesday morning after he fell into a sand hopper while working at Orlando International Airport, according to Local 6 News.
Witnesses said that the worker fell into the large machine while working on the fourth runway project at OIA. A sand hopper is a giant funnel that helps construction workers load sand into trucks, Local 6 News reported. Authorities said that the unidentified worker somehow fell into the sand hopper and was quickly buried to his chest. Other construction workers attempted to rescue the man by throwing a barrel into the machine. However, when the trapped man would move, he would sink deeper into the sand. The Orlando Fire Urban Search and Rescue team eventually used special equipment to lift the worker out of the sand. [See the attached file] The man was then transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries. Occupational Safety & Health Administration investigators will try to determine why the accident happened, Local 6 News reported. Watch Local 6 News for the latest on this breaking news story. Story from