I'm trying to put together a list of as many fire apparatus manufacturer logos as I can and I could use some help finding ones I don't have. Past or present manufacturers are needed. Please post here or email me or check out the following post at the youngstownfire.com message boards... http://www.youngstownfire.com/yabbse...=0;boardseen=1

Here is a link to my current list.

Anyone have any old ads for various apparatus makers those are great sources.

Also I would think Boardman Fire Apparatus would be an easy logo to find but I've not had any luck. Anyone have a Boardman Fire Apparatus logo they can send me

It doesn't need to be anything large, just pretty clear. I want to eventually use them in the youngstownfire.com message board's Fire Apparatus Dictionary section.

If you haven't checked that out already, come on over to http://www.youngstownfire.com/yabbse and have a look around! Thanks!