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    Default College courses...

    While I'm waiting to hear whether or not I will be accepted to a department, I've signed up for a first responder couse at my local college. This class is a pre-req for EMT-B, so I figured the sooner I get it out of the way, the better. Now, if I'm still not on a department by the time I'm ready to sign up for my EMT-B class, should I go ahead and sign up anyway? I know some of you have said that the department may pay for my training, but I guess I just want to get as far as I can to help increase my chances of getting hired. Any advice, or thoughts on this?

    Thanks again everyone!

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    I guess I just want to get as far as I can to help increase my chances of getting hired.
    Then take the EMT class.

    I know some of you have said that the department may pay for my training
    But in the increasingly worsening fiscal situations many cities find themselves in, if a chief can save several hundred dollars by hiring a prior trained person then why not do it - all things being equal.

    I look at it like this, since I to am searching for a position. There are only a finite number of positions out there. If one wants to get one of those slots then you have to beat everyone else out there out of them. Some people will say it is a waste but I do not think so. If you already have the training, then you can concentrate on your job when you get hired instead of learning the job AND going to school for EMT - which can be stressful and VERY time consuming in its own right. If you really want the job then you need to show it. You need to bust your hump to beat out the other 20 applicants for that position. That includes going after officer positions.

    If I were a chief, not that I want to be, I am going to hire the best qualified and experienced applicant for the position. It should no longer be nepotism or who you know. Finally, it seems that this philosophy is ending.
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