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    Default st.wheel part ll

    to answr to M. Lutan yes the airbag deployed the main thing i'm surprise it,s because the center of the steering seem to be in plastic and have been cut cause of the high velocity impact we don't cut it the driver was dead at the arrival we lift the dash to free legs and the body been remove on the passenger side
    2 vehicule we're in cause mazda protégé and ford windstar
    i'll contact the mazda compagny and transport canada because it's the 1st time in my carreer i see this situation
    we follow SOP for the personnel and the victims thank you for your interest excuse my english my main language is french

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    It is not unusual for the steering wheel to bend. With or without airbags, the ring can bend because of the driver's body crushing it or because the car was severely crushed during the impact.

    What is unusual in your case is that the steering wheel broke off the steering column. My only experience with this was due to a broken plastic knuckle joint of a tilt steering column that failed in a high-speed head-on crash.

    Did the Mazda have an adjustable, tilt steering column?
    Ron Moore, Forum Moderator

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