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    Default Relocating to California and moving to Truck Company

    Hello Everyone..First time posting here..I am relocating to California and pretty much been accepted to the Volunteer Fire Company where I am moving too. I have been in an Engine Company for Five years where I volunteer. The New Company where I will be volunteering is a Truck Company with no engine...Has anyone here ever went from an engine to a truck company or vice versa and how do they like it....Do you like doing truck or engine work better. ..?

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    Assuming your basic firefighting skills are solid, and you have good experience on the engine, you should have no problem switching to the truck. Simply get some more experience on forceible entry, ventilation, and throwing ladders (which you've probably done on the engine, at some point), and you'll be fine. It is also a different mindset. On the truck, you don't have to wait for anything. Inside team goes w/ a can and hook, and a set of irons. You can force your own door, you can search ahead of the handline, you and your partner can move much faster than the guys on the line who have to wait for water, stretching the hose, ensuring you have a water supply, etc. On the outside team of the truck, throwing ladders, opening up roofs, and working out of the bucket are all great fun.

    Everybody has slightly different definitions of what engine work vs. truck work is (and I don't want to start that discussion). Just keep in mind that the job of the truck and the tasks to be performed are not always terribly obvious. You always have to be thinking. Good luck!

    Stay Safe

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