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    Default Taking their toys...Part II

    The Bull in Bullitt continues...


    Shepherdsville firefighters may lose back-up - Monday, December 16, 2002 at 12:20

    The largest city in Bullitt County will soon find itself fighting fires alone. Four volunteer fire departments plan to sever ties with Shepherdsville, Ky. later this month. The disagreements have become so tense, firefighters have almost come to blows.

    Volunteer fire departments on all sides of the city sent letters to Shepherdsville Fire Chief Jim Enlow saying at the end of this month, they'll cease providing mutual aid, meaning there will be no back-up. "When your house is on fire and your baby is choking, I don't see how anybody in the right mind can say no we are not going,” Enlow said.

    Enlow says it is all over a petty political turf war between city lawmakers and the trustees from four fire departments.

    Shepherdsville is annexing land which is taking taxes away from fire districts. Bill Campbell recently built a house in Mt. Washington, KY. "I don't want to be here watching my house burn down while two fire departments are disputing over whose got the rights to that call,” Campbell said.

    That is not farfetched. Police were called to the Hickory Acres neighborhood in June after firefighters from Shepherdsville and Nichols Fire Departments almost came to blows over who should put out a fire on a kitchen stove.

    Publishers Press, Bullitt County's largest employer, with about a $1 million a week payroll, is considered a potential high-level hazard. With pools of ink and 1000 tons of paper, no single fire department has the resources to protect Nick Simon's business.

    "This is something we just don't need to argue about,” Simon said.

    For Enlow, the arguing is over. After 30 years with Shepherdsville, Enlow is resigning, saying he can no longer live up to his promise to protect and serve.

    "We can't stand alone. We have got to be united that means all firefighters,” Enlow said.

    A Bullitt County Circuit judge is hearing arguments from both sides Friday.
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    Angry Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!.....

    I never like to point fingers, play politics etc. especially when I think there's more to the story. That certainly applies here in my opinion. Having said that, This situation cries out for drastic action, probably court ordered. Here's the solution that, If I were the judge, that I would impose. Effective immediately, all fire districts are dissolved. There will be one fire district that will cover all of Bullitt County and all Cities, Towns, Etc. within the county. All Fire Stations, Equipment, personell, etc. will be part of that Fire District. All fire stations will be responsible for all property to which they are the closest station. Everybody will work together for the common good of all residents of the county. Period. End of discussion. Stay Safe....
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    Definitely a viable choice...if they can't agree over borders, maybe they shouldn't have any.

    If the judge were to do that--and I suspect he won't do anything but stick a Band-Aid on it--I would wish him luck dealing with five ****ed-off district boards (there's one Bullitt Co. FPD not involved in this mess) and one ****ed-off city council.

    Have fun, yer honor!
    "Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.”
    --General James Mattis, USMC

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    I like hwoods idea. That may be impossible, or nearly so. If the FPD's contract a department then the equipment could be owned by the FD, and no judge could force them to turn over the equipment. I know this because it has happened before in the district I am in now. However the FD did donate the equipment. The whole thing was a power struggle type mess. It suprises & turns my stomach that this kind of garbage happens.

    Wait and see if more facts / information comes out.

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    I don't know how it works in KY, but here in IL if a municipality annexes land protected by a fire protection district, the district loses that land. The one exception being: A municipality may not make a district non-contiguous with itself.

    I think the four districts need to stop and think about who they are supposed to be protecting. Who do they think they are helping by cutting off mutual aid?

    What are they going to gain?
    "We shouldn't be opening firehouses in Baghdad and closing them in New York City."


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