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    Question WMD/Hazmat Chief

    Are there any Federal facilities out there that currently have WMD or Hazmat Chiefs/Asst.Chiefs. I'm trying to find any information for Federal positions already filled. Co-lateral duties may work but need to be specific about WMD or Haazmat. What hours and pay scale do they use. Job descriptions would be nice. If you don't have info available to you just a base or facility name would get me there. Also if one is propsed for your facility or another let me know.
    I work as a Captain at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, Maine. There are rumors afloat here about that kind of job but nobody can find a job description or pay scale for another facility.

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    Have you been watching the CANS system? It offers the AF jobs listings. I've noticed several in there that have some type of HM/WMD duties assigned to them. It would seem that there are several of these positions throught the US, but none come to mind right now. If you've subscribed to CANS, open the announcement and read the Major Duties section. That's where I've seen them before. Most of them seemed to be GS-9's or thereabouts. Good luck.

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