CARLSBAD, Calif. (AP) - Three women were dead and two others
were in serious condition after their vehicle was swept down a
swollen creek, authorities said.
The accident occurred about 9 p.m. Monday as a vehicle carrying
five women was attempting to cross Sunny Creek, said Carlsbad Fire
Battalion Chief Tom Dana. Heavy rains had filled the creek and the
vehicle became stalled midway in its crossing.
The women, who were not immediately identified, tried to exit
the vehicle by opening its doors, Dana said. The vehicle flooded,
flipped upside down and was swept 50 feet downstream before
becoming lodged in the center of the stream.
Two of the females were able to exit the vehicle and stand on
top of the vehicle. The three others remained trapped inside.
The Encinitas Fire Department and Camp Pendleton swift-water
rescue teams responded, rescued the two females from the top of the
vehicle with ropes.
The two women were taken to Tri City Hospital in stable
condition, Dana said. The three others died at the scene.
The vehicle had come to rest in a "very dense, thick
shoreline," requiring rescue personnel to use chainsaws to get to
the females.

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