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    Question Resqtek

    I'm looking for anyone out there who has used or is using REQTEK equipment. Any opinions, pros, cons. I would also be interested in pricing if any one has information about it.

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    If you'll look at my name, you'll see I work at ResQ Tek. I've had a couple of customers saying they were having trouble posting, so I figure I'll try as well.

    As there may be some who think it unfair I make a post, let me say this to start. You should always research all of the manufacturers out there to start. Find out about their dealer, the service, and look at the innovations. There are many good equipment manufacturers out there, including extrication, rescue, lifting, stabilization, cribbing, and more. So when doing the research, look at them all.

    Lately I've seen quite a few threads that all seem to point towards the same direction: customer service. You need to know that company, and their local dealer, and that they will provide you with a quality product and quality service to back it up. Look at the product innovation, to see what companies are putting into their R & D. Remember, you're using this equipment to hopefully save a life, so you want to know that the equipment will operate the way you expect it to operate.

    As to your questions about ResQ Tek. ResQ Tek manufactures hydraulic extrication equipment, New Technology ResQ Bags (yes, the round locking high pressure airbags), cribbing and lighting. To see more about our products, click on the link below. There you will find contact information, company history, and product information. Hope this helps with your post.

    Happy Holidays

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    I've been acquainted with ResQTek tools for some time, and found them to be of high quality. If you look at their literature you will find publised and tested facts regarding pressures and forces that are very useful in tool consideration. Try the tools out in a legitimate comparison.

    Take a look at the NT Airbags. You will find advantages of both high and low pressure airbags in one unit. Give them serious consideration as they deserve it. I've used them frequently in training and found them to be high quality.

    The rep I'm acquainted with is very knowledgable, forthright, and willing to demo the eqt. I think you owe it to your agency to investigate ResQTek.

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    ResQTekBill I had the chance to view the air bags at the Jefferson County engine rally in 02. I was impressed with the ability to stack the bags. I also like the Lego like feature of the cribbing blocks. I hope get chance to play with some of the tools at the next rally.

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