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    Question Netscape 4.79 Won't Load Forums

    Anybody else using Netscape 4.79 ??
    Have been using it for several years without problems - at least less problems than I had with Internet Explorer!

    For the last 6 weeks or so I haven't been able to load/view the Forums using Netscape...
    The Advertisements and FirehouseBanner load OK;
    but then the browser locks up and never loads anything else.
    Cntl+Alt+Delete reports that Netscape/Firehouse "Is Not Responding"...
    Clicking End Task crashes the browser and all open windows.

    Netscape DOES open, load, and view the Main Firehouse.com site (News, etc) with no problem whatsoever.

    Fired up this old version of IE and it seems to handle the Forums OK.
    Am I the "only one" having this problem???

    Comments and/or solution suggestions Welcomed!

    /s/ Phred

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    What speed connection do you have? I use Netscape 4.78 with a 56K modem and sometimes it takes a few minutes to load the forums but they do eventually come up, it will look like the thing locked up but if you're patient enough it should load (in theory).
    Why do I *always* have to be the calm one?
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    Originally posted by safetyhappy
    What speed connection do you have?
    Happy ~

    Standard 56K dial-up modem, same as you.

    *Speed* doesn't seem to be the problem... I've let the Forums
    *think* about loading for 10-15 minutes...
    Time doesn't matter - Lock-Up happens every time I try
    to access Forums from the Main Page.

    BUT! Just got *ON* via Netscape when I clicked on my Netscape
    e-mail alert link that you had replied.
    Wow! Netscape opened a new window and this forum page popped up in a few
    SECONDS! New record as well as a First in many weeks!!

    Maybe the WebTeam will pop in here with some Pearls of Wisdom.
    /s/ Phred1 from Ohio

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    With the many new interactive features we're adding, we can no longer guarantee anything will be 100% effective with Netscape 4.7 versions.

    The vast majority of our audience using Internet Explorer 5+, and most everything is tailored to be 100% (or as close to it) effective in IE5 or Netscape 6.

    For the fastest access, you can bookmark your favorite forums which won't be as load intensive as the start page. But even the front page, on the most recent versions of IE on a 56K should load relatively quickly.

    Here are some statistics:

    - 96% of Firehouse.com visitors user Internet Explorer, with 98% of those using IE 5 or 6. (the site remains relatively compatible with IE4).

    - The remaining 4% of users are using Netscape, and unfortunately half of those are still using Netscape 4.7x. We strongly encourage those users to upgrade to a newer version.

    We work very hard to make sure the vast majority of the site works in all browsers, but as new technologies emerge its probably safe to assume many web sites will be moving toward the larger IE audience.

    We'll test the forums specifically on Netscape 4.7 on a dial up connection. Even on a high speed it does appear to stall a bit before loading the entire rest of the page.

    Again, we'll work on this issue but we stronly encourage you to use IE to browse the forums. The speed difference should be substantial. It also appears to work very well in Netscape 6.2.


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    The company I work for also upgraded our website which made it incompatible with Netscape 4.7x Many people are/were unwilling to upgrade. Unfortunately, things change and there is not much that can be done about it.
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