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    Default comparison shopping

    Does anyone know of a Web site or publication that compares specs and pricing of TIC's?
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    I haven't heard of one. Pricing is very difficult. In an open market, distributors can establish their own prices based on a variety of considerations.

    Some of the manufacturers' web sites will do comparisons of the engines inside, though many do so as a tool to push FD's in one direction or another. Realize that ALL the TI's on the market are made with technology available from essentially 3 sources. For the most part, it is all a matter of packaging once you decide which engine you want inside.

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    He is correct. There is no website that does that, mostly because distributors and dealers are all pricing cameras a little differently than the manufacturer. All cameras do have a website, and you can find out what you need from those sites, although you will probably have to find your local distributor and give them a call. I'd just say call them and tell them what you are looking for. And as I have said before, bringing them into a Class A burn is the best way to decide what cameras will take the heat and work in heavy smoke conditions.

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