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Nino's, haven for ground zero workers, closes for good

(New York-AP) -- The Italian restaurant where rescue workers
found comfort in the darkest days after September Eleventh has
closed its doors for good.
Nino's restaurant served thousands upon thousands of free meals
for months after the attacks.
The restaurant closed today after months of construction and a
reopening failed to draw enough paying customers.
Nino's closed to the public on September 12th and began offering
hot meals to emergency workers 24 hours a day.
The owner started the operation with his own money, then started
looking for donations of money or food. Other chefs came to help
and food donations came pouring in. Thousands of volunteers signed
a waiting list for a four-hour slot to help out. Celebrities like
Leonardo DiCaprio and Mia Farrow helped serve meals there
Nino's stopped feeding volunteers at its 110-seat restaurant in
But even after that, Vendome continued a thousand meals a day to
send down to workers at ground zero.

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