a number of workers have kept city units running all week.
sunday mcalpine ridge dr. 3 story wood apartments. 3 units damaged in a 2 alarm fire.7 engines2 ladder 1 rescue 3 bc
2601 central ave 1 story wod comm.80x80 fire in kitchen and spreading in closed resturant.full working fire alarm on scene.4 engines 1 ladder 1 rescue 2 bc
mon-thur 5600 reddman raod reddman peir apartments.3 stroy wood 2 units going. fire held to those units. working fire plus.
200 elon st. 2 story wood 2 family kitchen fire kept first alarm busy for 40 min.
1600 berryhill road. 1 story wood quick shop. 2 fires this week first did some damage the second almost totaled the building. leaving about 500,000 dollars damage in 2 arson fires
co2 posinoing injuries 3 workersoff tcukassegee road in meat plant fumes from parked and running truck cused 3workers to become ill. all tranported to local hospitals. 1 haz mat alarm on scene.