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Friday, December 20, 2002

EAST PROVIDENCE, RI: Working fire at 248 Cresent View, Cresent View Manor. Fire in 1 room, 1 10-45C2+ with 3rd degree burns to RIH Trauma Center. All Companies working. PWH. *470.7625* [TAC9-C51]. 12:22a.m.

BOSTON, MA: Working fire, Box-1247 at 101 Atlantic Ave. C6 reports fire beneath 1st floor stairwell of a 5-story brick. 2-lines stretched and operating. Fire knocked down. PWH. *483.1875* [TAC9-C20]. 12:59a.m.

DEDHAM, MA: Working fire, Box 632 at 254 Westfield St. A carriage house. Mutual Aid to cover. *153.950* [TAC9-C520]. 1:41a.m.

STLFN: OVERLAND (ST. LOUIS Co.), MO: Community FPD has a serious MVA with a car crashing into a building at Brown and Midland Streets. Three Ambulances have been dispatched. From North County Fire Alarm Office - apparently there is a lot of debris blocking the street. [STL819]. 2:04a.m.

TOWNSEND, MA: MVA at 400 Main St. Entrapment. Jaws in use. *453.900* [TAC9-C520]. 2:13a.m.

Update - DEDHAM, MA: Working fire - Box 632 at 254 Westfield St. Vacant 2-story carriage house fully involved. *153.950* [TAC9-C520]. 2:14a.m.

MANCHESTER, CT: Working fire at 58 Essex Street. Reported heavy smoke showing from a residential structure. M/A to scene and coverage. CT192 [TAC9-C20]. 3:09a.m.

BOSTON, MA: Working fire, Box-1571 at 131 Newbury Street. Reported fire in 2-rooms on the top floor of a structure. 2-lines stretched and operating. *483.1875* C519 [TAC9-C20]. 3:43a.m.

Update BOSTON, MA: Working fire on Box-1571 at 131 Newbury Street. CAR-3 reports fire in 2-rooms on the top floor of a 5-story brick. Fire knocked down. Co.'s overhauling and checking for extension. PWH. *483.1875* C519 [TAC9-C20]. 3:47a.m.

STANDISH, MAINE: MVA at Rt.25 & new entrance to Rt.113. Multiple vehicles involved. One patient trapped with Jaws operating. OIC requesting Paramedics to the scene. All roads in area icing over. *154.100* [TAC9-C31]. 6:59a.m.

HOPKINTON, NH: MVA on Boundtree Rd near Autumn Ridge. Rollover with entrapment & injury. Jaws operating. *154.355/460.5875* [TAC9-C31]. 7:10a.m.

SANFORD, NC (LEE, 35 mi SW of RALEIGH) **Multiple Alarm** Chisholm & Wilson. Large block long 100 year-old cotton mill, fully involved on arrival. Defensive operations. Nearby dwellings evacuated. Railroad stopped due to radiant heat. [CFP*791/700]. 7:47a.m.

STLFN: LEMAY (ST. LOUIS Co.), MO: LEMAY FPD has a 1st Alarm fire in the basement at 749 Erskine. First in Company reports smoke showing. Chief 1600 reports one line off so far on a 1-story frame. [STL810]. 8:26a.m.

STLFN: LEMAY (ST. LOUIS Co.), MO: Update - LEMAY FPDs 1st Alarm fire at 749 Erskine: Chief 1600 reports two lines off - will hold. St. Louis City & Affton FDs assisting. Move-up Mehlville 1710 to Lemay Engine House. Final. [STL810]. 8:36a.m.

**L.O.D.D.** It is with deep regret that we announce the death of TPR. Robert W. Ambrose of the N.Y. State Police - Tarrytown Station. He was killed last evening when his vehicle exploded after being struck in the rear. Trooper Ambrose was a 5year veteran of the Dept. 8:56a.m.

CARMEL, ME: Working fire on Rt.2 at Andrews Auto Body. Multi-vehicles on fire in a junkyard. *153.74* C122 [TAC9-C158]. 9:11a.m.

SCARBOROUGH, ME: Working fire - Box 7322 at Hillcrest Trailer Park of Rt.1 at 76 Ridgecrest Dr. Mobile Home fire. *154.130* [TAC9-C31]. 10:03a.m.

2nd Alarm MILTON, MA: Box-2112 at 101 Walcourt Road. Church-fire in the walls. 1 line operating. M/A for coverage. *483.512* [TAC9-C67]. 10:08a.m.

STLFN: LEMAY (ST. LOUIS Co.), MO - Lemay FPD has a 1st Alarm house fire at 120 E. Loretta x S. Broadway. Chief 1600 reports fire in a 2-story frame house. 2 Co.'s leading off. St. Louis City FD & Affton FPD assisting. [STL810]. 10:08a.m.

STLFN: LEMAY (ST. LOUIS Co.), MO: Update - Lemay FPDs 1st Alarm house fire at 120 E. Loretta x S. Broadway: Chief 1600 reports 2-story frame house - fully involved - "condition doubtful". Move-up Mehlville 1710 to Lemay Engine House. [STL810]. 10:12a.m.

3rd Alarm MILTON, MA: Box-2112 at 101 Walcourt Road. Fire in a Church. Fire walls extending up. M/A to scene & coverage. *483.512* [TAC9-C67]. 10:16a.m.

STLFN: LEMAY (ST. LOUIS Co.), MO: Update - Lemay FPDs 1st Alarm house fire at 120 E. Loretta x S. Broadway: Chief 1600 reports fire in an occupied 2-story frame house is now under control. [STL810]. 10:19a.m.

Update MILTON, MA: 3rd Alarm on Box-2112 at 101 Walcourt Road, "St. Pius Church". Moderate smoke condition in attic. *483.512* [TAC9-C67]. 10:24a.m.

BOSTON, MA: Working fire on Box 1825 at 48 Newport Ave. Engine 39 reports smoke showing on arrival from a structure. Companies charging lines. *483.1875* C714 [TAC9-C302]. 10:40a.m.

OSSIPEE, NH: Working fire across from 49 Sawyer Rd. Mobile home heavily involved. M/A to the fire. *154.175* [TAC9-C31]. 10:42a.m.

ROXBURY (MORRIS Co.), NJ: *LODD* It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of Det. Kyle Sheplak a 12 year veteran of the Roxbury Police Dept. Det. Sheplak leaves behind a wife and 2 kids. [EAN26]. 11:57a.m.

Update MILTON, MA: 3rd Alarm on Box-2112 at St. Pius Church, 101 Walcourt Road: 1-story brick/wood church. Fire in altar area knocked down. Investigation ongoing *483.512* [TAC9-C67]. 12:00p.m.

PROVIDENCE, RI: Working fire at 234 Hope St. "Hope High School". Fire in a bathroom on floor 2. S/C 2 Engines, 1 ladder for staging. *159.360* [TAC9-C51]. 12:24p.m.

ST. CLAIR SHORES (MACOMB Co.), MI: *2nd Alarm* 21800 Marter Rd. Fire in the Greek Assumption Church. M/A from Roseville & Eastpointe. [FNNM-198>400]. 1:04p.m.

NEW HAVEN, CT: Working fire on Atwater Street. Fire in a 2.5-story wood frame dwelling. CT19 [TAC9-C461]. 1:35p.m.

MELROSE, MA: MVA on Tremont St. by Randy's Carwash. E2 & l1 operating the Jaws. *159.405* [TAC9-C158]. 2:07p.m.

PUTNEY, VT: 2nd Alarm - Westminster West Rd. Structure fire. M/A to the fire. *154.430/453.0125* [TAC9-C31]. 2:31p.m.

2nd Alarm FITCHBURG, MA: 323 Princeton Rd. Fire in an unknown type building. *154.250* [TAC9-C108]. 2:46p.m.

3rd Alarm PUTNEY, VT: Westminster West Rd & Kimball Hill Rd, near the Fire Station. Large 3-story wood frame building well involved. Extensive M/A to the fire. *154.430/453.0125* [TAC9-C31]. 2:57p.m.

RANDOLPH, MA: Working fire at 14 Grove Lane. Fire in cellar of a ranch dwelling. *483.6625* [TAC9-C67]. 3:10p.m.

STLFN: JEFFERSON Co., MO: Cedar Hill FPD - 1st Alarm house fire at 10541 Tom Frost Rd x Hwy NN. At least one line off. Co.'s will be on the scene for extensive overhaul. Fire came in at 2:15pm. [STL800HL/810]. 3:12p.m.

Update FITCHBURG, MA: 2nd Alarm at 323 Princeton Rd. Fire in a 1-story 30 x 250 wood frame vacant warehouse. Using 3 Engines & 2 Ladders. Moderate smoke condition. Fire is PWH. *154.250* C108 O/S [TAC9-C108]. 3:15p.m.

Update RANDOLPH, MA: Working fire at 14 Grove Lane. Fire in dryer - extend to walls. Fire knocked down. Checking for extension. *483.6625* [TAC9-C67]. 3:18p.m.

Update PUTNEY, VT: 3rd Alarm downtown fire at Westminster West Rd & Kimball Hill Rd. Fire involves a large 3-story building. S/C additional Cascade Truck from Walpole, NH & SCBA Firefighters from Chesterfield & West Chesterfield, NH. Fire remains DWH. *154.430/453.0125 [TAC9-C31]. 3:18p.m.

MAGNOLIA (CAMDEN Co.), NJ: (Overnite) *Fatal-fire* 335 W. Evesham Ave. The job around (0330hrs ET). The male who was found on 2nd floor was pronounced DOA at hospital. [EANSTAFF 3305]. 3:36p.m.

HOWELL TWP. (MONMOUTH Co.), NJ: *Second Alarm* at 4693 Route 9 Northbound. Working structure fire in a commercial occupancy. M/A to the scene for Engine, Ladder and manpower. [EAN700]. 5:23p.m.

KANSAS CITY, MO: 1st Alarm fire @ 109 NW 101st St. x Wyandotte. Fire showing from a 1-story frame single-family dwelling. CAR108/103, P3, P16, P38, P40, R16, T4. [KCFN-02]. 7:17p.m.

KANSAS CITY, MO: The 1st Alarm @ 109 NW 101st St. Terrace (corrected address) has been struck out b/o CAR108. Fire under control. Extensive overhaul underway. [KCFN-02]. 7:38p.m.

Incident Command - HIDALGO Co., NM: MCI - Tour bus rollover on I-10 & NM Hwy 80. MP5. Reported bus rollover with many patients & fatalities. Numerous Medevac Helicopters en-route from Southern AZ. [ICP327,904m]. 7:55p.m.

STLFN: BALLWIN (ST.LOUIS Co.), MO: Metro-West FPD *1st Alarm* working residence fire @ 639 Highland. Fire started in a couch. 1 line off & supply line laid. [STL899]. 8:06p.m.

CRANSTON, RI: Working fire at 1763 Cranston St. Structure fire. *154.010* [TAC9-C28]. 8:09p.m.

Update CRANSTON, RI: Working fire at 1783 Cranston St. 1-story Commercial Furniture Store. Fire knocked down & P/W/H. [TAC9-C28]. 8:14p.m.

WOODBURY, CT: 770 Sherman Hill Road. Reported plane into a house with explosion. NFI CT3403/CT3404 [TAC9-C20]. 8:14p.m.

MARLBORO, MA: Working fire on Phelps Road. Reported fire in a dwelling. Co.'s charging lines. EMS requested for 1045's with smoke inhalation. *858.4625* [TAC9-C20]. 8:21p.m.

STLFN: BALLWIN (ST.LOUIS Co.), MO: Update: Metro-West FPDs *1st Alarm* working residence fire @ 639 Highland. Room & contents fire. Fire now under control. *FINAL* [STL899]. 8:26p.m.

STLFN: 1730hrs. EAST ST.LOUIS (ST.CLAIR Co.), IL: ESTLFD Companies 426 & 424 responded to a house fire in the 600 block of N.53rd. 1.5-story frame fully involved. E426 caught a plug, 2 Deck Pipes & 2 lines off. Trucks are back in quarters. [STL997]. 8:29p.m.

Update MARLBORO, MA: Working fire on Phelps Road. Fire in dwelling. I/C reports 1-line stretched and operating. Additional EMS requested for 1045's with smoke inhalation. *858.4625* [TAC9-C20]. 8:32p.m.

WARREN, ME: Working fire at 912 Beechwood St. 1-story barn fully involved with exposures. M/A going in. *153.980/33.70* C398/101 [TAC9-C28]. 8:40p.m.

Update MARLBORO, MA: Working fire at 156 Phelps Road. Fire in a dwelling. 1-line stretched and operating. Additional EMS to scene for 3-1045's with smoke inhalation - being transported to Marlboro Hospital. *858.4625* [TAC9-C20]. 8:45p.m.

ROSEVILLE (MACOMB Co.), MI: 2nd Alarm Equiv. 25870 Mackinaw. House - fire thru the roof. Roof collapsing. Roseville, St. Clair Shores and East Pointe on scene. (FNNM-215>69) (c). 9:34p.m.

Incident Update: HIDALGO Co., NM: MCI Rollover on I-10 & NM Hwy 80. MP5. Command reported 28 patients & 1 fatality. 3 Medevac Helicopters were utilized. [ICP327,904i]. 9:44p.m.

BRONX, NY: **2nd Alarm** Box-3507 at 2857 Valentine Ave. near 198th St. Fire on the 2nd floor of a 6-story brick occupied multiple dwelling. DWH. [EAN301]. 10:26p.m.

Update BRONX, NY: **2nd Alarm** Box-3507 at 2857 Valentine Ave. 1 10-45 Code 1 found in the fire apartment. Still DWH. [EAN301]. 10:29p.m.

BRONX *2nd Alarm* Box 3507 @ 198 St. & Valentine Ave. 6-story brick occupied multiple dwelling - fire #2 floor. AMBS requested to the scene. 1 DOA recovered so far. * [MNS-2]. 10:36p.m.

Update BRONX, NY: *2nd Alarm* Box 3507 @ Valentine Ave & 198 St. 6-story brick 150x150 "H" type occupied multiple dwelling with fire #2 floor. DOA reported earlier has been changed to a life threatening injury by DIV6. Fire under control. * [MNS-2]. 10:45p.m.

EAST PROVIDENCE, RI: MVA on Rte 195 East at Washington Bridge. Serious multiple vehicle accident. Multiple victims. S/C additional ALS with a PUSH. Request Foam Unit and Photo Recon. *470.7625/482.7250* [TAC9-C51]. 11:15p.m.

Incident Update: HIDALGO Co., NM: MCI Rollover on I-10 & NM Hwy 80. MP5. Now 2 fatalities reported. One a 7 year-old boy, the other a 54 year-old female. Bus was en-route from Chihuahua, Mexico back to PHX. I-10 was just reopened with a severe traffic backup near Lordsburg. [ICP327,904i]. 11:31p.m.


DC Firecom/Baltimore Metro Dispatch Report


BALTIMORE, MD (14-8): *Working fire* / Dwelling / Unit blk S Carrollton Ave / W of downtown / Have a 2 sty brk row w/fire 2nd fl / Poss people trapped / WFD en-route. [DC/BMD/E*23]. 21:12

U/D BALTIMORE, MD (14-8): Working fire / Vac storefront / Unit blk S. Carrollton Ave. / Have fire 1st fl rear of (2) bldgs / (1) inj FF / 2nd Medic rqstd. [DC/BMD/E*23]. 21:26


*** FirePage Ohio Report for December 20, 2002 ***

FirePage Ohio covers all of Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Northern Kentucky and we will soon add Eastern Indiana and the City of Indianapolis. We send all of our incident notifications via E-Mail. So, if you carry an alphanumeric pager, PDA or cell phone, and that device has an E-Mail address, we can get the information to you.

For additional information: E-Mail info@firepageohio.com or visit our web site at http://www.firepageohio.com.

If you'd like to report an incident, please call our hotline number: 1-888-342-0143, and leave a message. Please make sure you include your name and a call back number.

This report is complied by FirePage Ohio Dispatcher Scott Berringer (703@firepageohio.com)

- 0659
Columbus FD: MVA/PIN I-71 SB @ Hudson. Cos: Eng 16, Med 16, Res16cuE, EMS 13. FPO/276/D217

- 1339
Youngstown FD: Extra Company W/F Box # 3124 @ 1609 Wilson. Fire in a scrap yard with reports of people trapped in a bldg near fire. Cos: Eng 6, 7, 9, Lad 22, squad 33, BN 1, 2. Eng 12 S/C'd. FPO/724/258/D256

- 1447
Southington VFD (Trumbull): US 422 near OSP post. Squad 45 reports 3 cars, heavy damage. M/A Sta 47, 48, 49 for Medic 47, 49, Squad 48. 4 victims so far. FPO/D256

- 1450
Southington VFD (Trumbull): US 422 near OSP Post. 1 vehicle rollover. 1 victim pinned in overturned vehicle, victim has penetrating head wound. MLF S/C'd. M/A Sta 21 for Med 21. Add Res 45 to the card. FPO/D256

- 1459
Southington VFD (Trumbull): US 422 near OSP Post. MLF had 20-25 minute ETE, cancelled prior to lift-off from Metro. Possible fatality on scene. FPO/D256

- 1640
Washington Twp FD (Franklin): MVA/PIN 5700 block of Houchard Rd. Cos: Eng 91, Lad 91, Med 93, Res81enG, BN 91, 81. MedFlight S/C'd. Car on its top into a tree. FPO/223/D284

- 1645
Washington Twp FD (Franklin): MVA/PIN 5700 block of Houchard Rd. Add Res 92, Med 91 to the card. MedFlight # 1 with 1 minute ETE. 22 year old female victim. LZ set up on Cosgray Rd. FPO/223/D284

- 1650
Washington Twp FD (Franklin): MVA/PIN 5700 block of Houcnard Rd. Extrication complete. MedFlight has victim. FPO/223/D284

- 1759
Western Reserve JFD (Mahoning): MVA/PIN on Youngstown-Pittsburgh Rd. Sta 92 reports person pinned. Crews using the tools. FPO/724/D276

- 1835
Norwich Twp FD (Franklin): Extra Company MVA/PIN I-270 & Davidson Rd Overpass. Cos: Eng 80, Res 81, Med 81, BN 81. BN 81 requesting 2 extra medics and an extra rescue. FPO/284/D249

- 1835
Green FD (Summit): ALERT 2 Akron-Canton Airport. Dornier with 33 SOB, 1900 lbs of fuel. Engine oil indicator light on. Green FD enroute. FPO/D701

- 1841
Green FD (Summit): ALERT 2 Akron-Canton Airport. Aircraft landed without incident. Companies in service. FPO/D701

- 1926
Elyria FD (Lorain): MVA/PIN 15th St & Middle Ave. Cos: Eng 1, Res31cuE, Chief 15, LifeCare EMS Unit 91, & 92. FPO/D703

- 2005
Norwich Twp FD (Franklin): Extra Company MVA/PIN I-270 & Davidson Rd overpass. Trauma alerts to Grant, Riverside, & Mt Carmel West. FPO/249/D284

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12/20/02 2nd Alm Kansas City, KS 9th & Cheyenne, heavy fire in a pallet yard extended to auto salvage and scrap yard, fire wind-swept, water supply problems, aerials, deck guns and handlines operating.

1st Alm: Pumpers 3, 7, 9, Trucks 1, 7, Res1cue, Car 32, Car 62.
2nd Alm: Pumpers 1, 5, 11, Truck 14, Car 22, Car 61.



Burlington, KY (Boone Co.) Dec. 20, 2002

The Burlington Fire Protection District was dispatched shortly after 1400hrs for a dwelling fire on Kingsgate Drive, off of Burlington Pike. Units responding immediately called a working fire as a large header was visible from quarters.

The fire was showing from all windows on Side 1, 1st and 2nd floors. A young woman and her two children escaped when the 2yo woke the sleeping mother to the Christmas tree in flames. The fire was quickly knocked down.

UNITS: Burlington Chief 725, Engines 703, 704, Ladder 710, Squad 714, Hebron FD Engine 351, Air Truck 1517, Petersburg FD Chief 1225

M Fronimos


Brooklyn, N.Y. 12/20/02
All - Hands #1 @ 21:15 hrs.
Kings Plaza Area

Box 2360
address: 5810 Farragut Rd.
between: East 58th. St. & East 59th. St.

2360 @ 21:05
Engs. 310, 257, 323
Lads. 174, 170
Batt. 58

10 - 75 - 2360 @ 21:10
TowerLadder 159 is designated as the "FAST" Truck
Eng. 209
Rescue Co. #2
Squad Co. #252
Batt. 44
Division 15

All - Hands:
7 - 5 - 2360 @ 21:11
Batt. 58 reports, Were going to use All - Hands. We have a fire in a 3rd. floor bedroom Apt. 1 - line being stretched. Truck's are "Opening Up' "K"

Fire Building:
6 Story Brick 75 x 75 M.D.

@ 21:15 Batt. 58:
All visible fire has been knocked down. You can turn back all the "Special Units" "K"

@ 21:18 Batt. 58:
Primary search in the fire Apt. & the adjoining Apt. is negative.

@ 21:22 Batt. 58:
Secondary search completed & is negative. Fire UnderControl.


All - Hands #2 @ 22:00 hrs.
Stuyvesant Section

Box 1616
address: 1802 Atlantic Ave.
between: Rochester Ave. & Utica Ave.

1616 @ 21:55
Engs. 234, 214, 227
Lads. 123, 111
Batt. 38

10 - 75 - 1616 @ 21:59
Ladder 112 is designated as the "FAST" Truck
Eng. 222
Rescue Co. #2
Squad Co. #252
Batt. 37
Division 15

Fire Building:
1 Story Brick 20 x 40
Surrounding Properties:
Exp. #1: Is a Street
Exp. #2: Is a Street
Exp. #3: Is a Yard
Exp. #4: Is a Yard

All - Hands:
7 - 5 - 1616 @ 22:04
Batt. 38 reports, Using aAll - Hands for a fire in a Gas Station. Fire's on the roof of the bldg., looks like rubbish. May have possible extensions inside. 1 - line stretched & in operation. 2nd. line is standing fast. Truck's are "Opening Up'

@ 22:09 Batt. 38:
Probably Will Hold. All searches are negative. Going down
to 2 & 2 "K"

@ 22:13 Batt. 38:
Fire is UnderControl.




On Friday, December 20, 2002 at 2038 Hours (8:38 PM PST), twelve Companies of Los Angeles Firefighters, two LAFD Rescue Ambulances and two Chief Officer Command Teams under Assistant Chief Curtis James responded to a Greater Alarm Structure Fire at 4036 West Ingraham Street in Hancock Park. The first Company to arrive on scene reported a two-story residence with full attic fire involvement. Firefighters extended handlines within the very large single family home to mount a brisk and well-coordinated assault on the flames, while other Firefighters worked diligently alongside them to protect possessions from collateral fire damage. Their efforts were clearly festinated by colleagues who scaled a steep faade and mission tile roof to perform arduous vertical ventilation. These well-attuned efforts confined the fire to the attic, allowing complete extinguishment in just 18 minutes. There were no injuries. Loss from the fire is estimated at $35,000 ($30,000 structure & $5,000 contents). The cause of this fire is attributed to use of a malapropos fireplace and chimney.

Yours in Safety and Service,

Brian Humphrey
Public Service Officer
Los Angeles Fire Department
200 North Main Street, Room OCD - E423
Los Angeles, CA 90012 USA

Fax: (213) 485-2708
LAFD E-Mail: beh9593@lafd.lacity.org
LAFD Website: http://www.lafd.org



Teaneck NJ Fire Dept. Box 54 Club Fireground Rehab.

The Box 54 Club consists of volunteers who assist emergency workers by providing food, beverages, and shelter during their emergency operation.



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