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    Default Red vs. Blue lights

    Ahhh.... I began a new holiday tradition at Thanksgiving. Use some inane topic to draw your attention...Merry Christmas. Its going to be a rough one weather-wise this year in many parts of our great country. It would be wonderful if there were no fires or any of the other tragedies that seem to be prevelent this time of year. Since thats not going to happen, stay safe and heres to a great 2003!

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    Merry Christmas Mickey! Nice segway. (PS: I like yellow lights, keeps bugs from flying in the house.)
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    hahahaha. You know, the title got tshayes all excited. Now the poor little kid is going to be all dissapointed.

    Anyway, ditto on the actual thread topic
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    Merry Christmas Folks! Weather man says 7-11" of snow starting overnight and tomorrow! Woo Hoo!

    Hope you and your families have a safe and Merry Christmas!!!!!


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