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    Default Member voting eligibility

    OK, Brothers (and Sisters),

    I am curious, what are your requirements for members of your respective locals to vote in elections? As in elections of officers of the local, Pres., Sec., VP, Treas. and Trustee. Do you have to make a certain number of meetings throughout the year? Is it addessed in your by-laws? If so, how many meetings? I am looking into the International's by-laws, to see if there is anything addressing this issue. Does anyone have a situation where members decide the outcome of elections without coming to any meetings throughout the year? As it stands now in my local, as long as you are a member in good standing, you are eligible to vote, so that is everybody, regardless of how often you show up to meetings of the local. Input please, and have a great Holiday. Hope none of you are stuck working like me.


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    Our local has no attendance requirement to vote. I believe that would violate a member's rights. How ever, our by-laws require a minimal number of meetings to run for an office.

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    Here, the day you are hired you are a member of the local.
    As a member of the local you pay dues.
    As a dues paying member, you get a vote in all issues.

    I would not want to be the one to tell a brother he can't vote in a union meeting because they mostly fall on his son's little league nights or something like that. Not everyone can make it to every meeting. Even if a member doesn't make it to very many meetings, doesn't your local make the results of votes and other big topics available to everyone after? We do. That is the best way to keep people abreast of the issues.
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    All that we require is a quorum, or minimum number of members present to cast votes.


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    You must be a current "active" member in order to vote according to our constitution, which means you must be employed at the time of the meeting.

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