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    Question Lights....

    This may seem elementary, but I was wondering what the best type of light would be to get for interior firefighting. How do you mount your flashlight to your helmet, or coat or whatever? What is the best type for the least amount of money?

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    This has done wonders for me;


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    Seriously though, this is from my post in another forum;

    On my helmet I have a Pelican Stealthlite. On my jacket I have the Streamlight Survivor. Finally, at my side (for the more major calls) I have the Streamlight Vulcan. Hope this helps!

    The Stealthlite is mounted using a 2" rubber band around my helmet, I found that the metal mount sold at galls interferes with the faceshielf and the mount sold at thefirestore, sticks out too far and is in danger of being caught on something. I mount the survivor with a piece of denim strip that my sister sewed on to my jacket. Works great and I don't have to wait until I get new gear which has the clip on it. I feel the best for your money, when interior firefighting is concerned, is the Vulcan. Much smaller & lighter than its big brother the LiteBox. Excellent flashlight.

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