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    Post Happy Holidays!

    May all of you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May your holidays be quiet and free from those troubling and traumatic calls.

    Is there anyone else from SD on this board? I thought that in one month someone may have responded and either cursed or praised those new radios! So far we haven't strayed off the analog channels but one of our firemen pushed the dreaded little red button!!! Nothing happened!! Is the "Man Down" system not yet functioning?

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    Merry Christmas,

    I hope Santa was as good to you as he was to me!

    We have had the radios installed for several months and are not using the digital side much yet. We will probably use it more as we get use to it. We are not real happy with the system but are hoping as we learn how to use all of the features it will be better.

    We had the emergency button removed on all of our radios. The feature does us no real good and was too close to the on-off/volume knob. We have firefighters that just throw their gear in the cab as they jump in. I could see that button on at least 1 radio getting push on almost every call. As it is they are complaining that the radios don't work when all that happened was the selector knob got bumped and they changed to a talk group no one was scanning. One of our problems right now is not being able to scan both analog and digital at the same time. Maybe someday we will only use digital but right now there are some real growing pains.


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