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    Default wildland fire training help

    I am 19, a volunteer firefighter and almost an EMT-I in Illinois. I am having trouble finding places where I could get training so that I could fight the wildfires this coming summer. If anyone could direct me where to look I would greatly appreciate it. I have already registered with the Bureau of Land Management but I was hesitant to put in an application since I have only had the most basic training in firefighting. If anyone knows a good dept, or college, or training area preferably in Illinois, i know that will be stretching my hopes since we dont have much of a problem with wildfires, I would really like to know and get started on this career. Thanks


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    Check with the BLM on training. Put in your application. The federal agencies run classes on the basic wildland firefighter (S-130 & S-190) every spring for new seasonal hires.

    The classes may be conducted by other agencies such as US Fish and Wildlife, US Forest Service, US Park Service, or state and local agencies.

    Make sure that you are in top physical shape. If you are hired, you will be required to complete a physical test to measure your conditioning. The most common one is the "Pack Test". You will be required to walk three miles in forty-five minutes or less on level ground with a forty five pound pack on yur back. No running allowed. It sounds simple until you try it. Try walking the three miles without the pack and time yourself. Then try it with the pack.

    You might also try the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) on the internet. They normally have links to training classes in various regions of the country.

    Good Luck

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    Go ahead and apply with BLM, and also USFS, and NPS.... they will train you. If you are willing to leave IL to come out to the greater west, often times there is gov't barracks available for your housing. Just be sure to ask about the housing when they offer you a job

    With your EMT and FF background, you shouldn't have any problems getting on, or getting a good rate of pay.

    Good Luck!
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