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    Post Arizona Wildfire Training

    Statewide wildfire training program to be held this spring.

    (Prescott-AP) - A statewide wildfire training program will be
    held in Prescott this spring.
    The Arizona Wildfire Academy will be conducted by firefighting
    agencies from across the state.
    It will be open to any firefighter, regardless of experience.
    Organizers are starting the academy in response to calls for
    more wildfire training.
    The academy will be affiliated with the Arizona State Fire
    Training Committee.
    The committee had previously offered training programs that
    focused on structure fires but not wildfires.

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    you have any idea on the time frame that this will take place, how long it will be, and if its open to out of state personnel? I would love to get some more wildland training besides the basic s-130,190,and 205 classes but they are not offered where I am at.

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    Default fire training


    Sometimes you have to dig into some of the training available for wildland firefighters. The other night, I ran across a couple of Wildland Academies in Texas. Information about the academies located at: http://www.tamu.edu/ticc/training.htm
    If you work with your state, you may also find out other areas in your region or the eastern region where other classes are located. I normally watch the National Wildland Training Web page for information located at: http://www.nationalfiretraining.net/

    They may not have every training location listed but it's a good place to start. You can also check with US Forest Service, US Park Service, Department of Interior, and others for information on what they may have or know about.

    Good Luck
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    Back for the second time:

    Midwest Wildfire Academy
    May 28th - June 1, 2003
    Courses: D-110, I-300,
    231,260,270,281,290,& 390

    Information has yet to be posted on web site http://www.mufrti.org/ but information should be up shortly.
    Or contact:
    Kevin Zumwalt
    Fire and Rescue Training Institute
    University of Missouri-Columbia

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