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    Cool How Do You Recruit??..................

    Numerous studies claim that 1 in 3 Americans will volunteer for some cause each year. That's one heck of a lot of people.....HOW DO WE GET THESE PEOPLE INTO THE FIRE/RESCUE SERVICES????. Thats my question for today, folks. How do YOU do it? Stay Safe....
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    In my vollie dept we have taken in 15 new members in the past 12 months. Not bad for a small (100 members) dept. We started a recruitment committee about a year ago. We placed posters throughout our fire district, put up signs at various locations, taken out ads in the local papers (for free). A lot of local papers will advertise for free, for non profit organizations. And at every community event that we attend we also make a pitch for new recruits. It seems to be working.

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    High Schools. Go there, show WTC videos and other fire-related videos. Talk about volunteerism being a stepping stone to a rewarding career as a firefighter.


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    Default Recruitment.....

    Recruitment and Retention are huge issues.

    I can speak with some experience. The organization I used to be with had a big time problem with manpower. They run 1500 calls a year and was missing about 30-35% of them, a large number of the others were delayed responses. That same group turned completely around and has not missed a single call since Oct. 12, 1998 ! How did they do that ?

    Change the way we did business.....

    We first looked at the setup and said, we are not competing for the free time of our citizens. So we made some drastic changes.

    1st we completely re-wrote our by-laws. We tried to create and environment where people wanted to be, not one they were mandated to be at a certain amount of time each month as was prevously the case.

    2nd we changed our patch, our uniform, the color of our units, the name of the company, everything. We emphasized a "Professional Volunteer image". We got rid of all the old stuff, and along with it went a lot of the old beliefs. It really even helped our community image. Our income increased as our good name in the community increased.

    3rd we sold ourselves. Instead of sitting around the station all the time waiting for something to happen, we started sending our units out into the community. High School sports events.....little league games, baseball, football, etc. ..... fun night at the school... neighborhood parties... took advantage of every opportunity to put our equipment and personnel on display. This was where we gained the most new members.

    4th, we encourage our officers to attend a weekend seminar we gave inhouse by the NVFC on how to manage a volunteer organization. This helped them to better understand some of the concepts of managing a volunteer organization.

    5th, we stayed focused on our mission statement. Hung a big banner in our day room and kept the membership focused on why we existed.

    6th, to keep the ball rolling, we did everything we could to draw positive attention to our members, building their self esteem. newspaper articles, hand written thank you notes sent home (including a thank you to their spouse), we had sunday afternoon dinners at the station for members and their families, and celebrated every possible holiday with a party at our station.

    If you do those things, I will guarantee your organization will be much more successful and you will gain new life. Volunteerism is NOT dead. But times have changed and we HAVE to change as well.

    The keys to success is in the LEADERSHIP. A good leader will know how to make these things happen. How to make every member successful which in turn will lead to the success of the organization.

    Hope you find this information useful. If you have any questions, or want me to explain something better, drop me an email to ffmedicmo@aol.com

    Take care and keep safe.
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