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    Default FDNY FF Union Sues

    Firefighters say city exploiting health problems to cut staff
    NEW YORK (AP) - A lawyer for the firefighters' union attributed
    rising rates of sick leave to the city's failure to provide proper
    equipment to firefighters working in the ruins of the World Trade
    Center following the Sept. 11, 2001 attack.
    "It was a well-known fact that firefighters were down there
    without the proper respiratory equipment," the lawyer, Robert
    Sullivan, said in State Supreme Court in Brooklyn on Thursday.
    Speaking at a hearing on a lawsuit brought by the union to stop
    the city from reducing the number of firefighters at engine
    companies, Sullivan also said the city was capitalizing on
    firefighters' failing health to support its staff reduction plans.
    Beginning next Thursday, the department plans to staff engine
    company crews with four members rather than five. Under the terms of
    a labor agreement, the Fire Department says it can reduce the
    number of firefighters on engine crews when rates of sick leave
    exceed 7.5 percent of the work force.
    But the union said the city should not be allowed to use the
    illness rate to reduce the size of engine company crews since the
    lack of respiratory equipment caused the health problems that have
    disabled many firefighters.
    Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the city was not exploiting the
    current circumstances.
    "We're not taking advantage of anything other than our rights
    under the contract," Bloomberg told reporters. "You have a
    contract, both parties have to live up to the contract. Period."

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    Default Beyond mutts...

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