Huge Fire Destroys Camden Warehouse
Homeless Men Evacuated From Nearby Shelter

CAMDEN, N.J. -- A huge fire swept through a warehouse in Camden, N.J., over Friday night, reducing it to rubble. Now investigators want to know what caused it.

The 9-alarm blaze ignited around 11 p.m. Friday and by 3 a.m. it was finally brought under control.

Most of the structure at Gary and Atlantic avenues was destroyed. The name of the warehouse was not immediately released, but one witness said that old albums, videotapes and 8-track tapes had fueled the fire.

Investigators said that the fire appears to have started on the third floor. Firefighters had to get equipment from all over the county to contain it.

The fire forced the evacuation of about 100 men from the Volunteers Of America homeless shelter next door.

"Well, fortunately we were pretty safe so they just kept us a good safe distance away from it and we just waited to be brought over from the other shelter," said Jim Gaskill of Camden.

Investigators are sifting through the remains to uncover the cause of the fire.