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    Question Any +/- input on Tri-Star (formerly Ranger of R.I.) bodies?

    We're in the 11th hour of decision making on a new 10' rescue body
    and would greatly appreciate any available experiences with this
    manufacturer. Our understanding is that present ownership had once owned and sold the Ranger name/business, later re-opening shop under the Tri-Star Bodies banner. Thanks much for any info. in advance.

    -Doc L.

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    There are at least 2 Ranger trucks in our area. They seem to be holding up fairly well.

    Beware of financial instablility - One town had to creatively obtain their almost completed/mostly paid for truck from Ranger's yard one night after the bank had locked the doors.

    Ranger promised some things that turned out to be technically impossible to complete and then just said "Oh, well!"

    Hopefully things are better now.

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    Talk to the crews of Providence Special Hazards 1 about their 1992 Premfab/Ranger.

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    Thumbs up Tri-Star Is a good Manufacturer

    I would recommend Tri-Star they supply bodies to many manufacturers. Odyssey for one uses Tri-Star. They have had a big NYPD bid that also included a option for 45+ units. Tony is a nice guy. Ranger may have had money troubles but everybody can have them. I belive They build a stronger body than many current manufacturers if I am wrong I am sure someone will correct me. I am curious who is going to finish the unit for you?

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    agree with stuart..i know of a ranger body in my area that is now about 20 years old and holding up well....(had some refurb work about 5 years ago)

    but..had problems when it was being built including financial and technical....

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    Not sure if it's in the TriStar lineage, but our Rescue truck's body was fabricated by East Coast something something, which was supposedly a Ranger offspring. That was in 1994, and really no complaints. At the time they were located on US 44 in Chepachet, RI., and we took a look at the body while under construction. I believe (90%) sure they did most of the sheetmetal on our 1996 Service truck.

    The truck contract was awarded by E.J. Murphy, so they were ultimately responsible for our satisfaction. With Murphy's 90 minutes away, and Chepachet 30 minutes, it made factory visits real handy (and frequent!)

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