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    I am wondering if anyone has a "check Off" form for new probies. I am a member of a volunteer dept. and we currently do not have anything that requires new guys to be orientated to the equipment other than being shown by other members. Please let me know if you have something like what I am looking for. Thanks Darin

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    I'm from a small dept in Texas,with 3 pumpers, 1 fast attack, 2 support trucks, and 1 grass truck. We have a check off sheet with each unit number and signature place. Each "newbie" has to be checked off on the unit by an officer and the officer has to sign the sheet. We give "newbies" 90 days to get their sheet completed and at that time they can get off their probation. This seems to work out pretty good having just completed my sheet only a few weeks ago. Myself having 18 years service with other depts I found it to be a great training aid to " get to know " my new units. Michael Firefighter/EMS

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