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    Question Homeland Security Budget - 3.5 Bil

    Besides being a safety officer, I am also a grad student attempting to receive my Master's in Homeland Security. For my present class, I am supposed to write a pro/con paper on something dealing with homeland security. My choice is how the 3.5 Billion is supposed to be divvied between state and local 1st responders. But the question that arises in my mind is why there are so many budget cuts, lost jobs, and out-of-date equipment among 1st responders. Maybe I'm wrong, but that is why I wanted some of your opinions. Do the fire departments and other 1st responders know who is getting the big $3.5 B prize. A friend of mine at a CT police department told me that the police department might is facing a 0% raise a maybe no new hires for the upcoming year. I love to hear some ideas from the people who know best.
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    It was reported on local news that Georgia would get approximently $100 million from the Homeland Security Act. How the funds are going to be divided up who knows.

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