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    Talking 2nd call, the first of the new year...

    well i was debating weather or not i wanted to spend the night at the firehouse on new years eve. Glad i did. We didnt get any calls all day for the engine. So as usual i was on-line chatting and things...i couldnt go to sleep. It was like 12:30am when we got the call. It was for a possible trash fire in the vicinty. Well...thought it was a crap call...but it was a call so ill take it. Well half way there fire alarm called back and told us it was a trailer fire. It was some tight turning going on back in the woods but we made it. 100% involved. We pulled a line and got to work. sucks though....didnt get to sleep until 3:30 and i had to get up at 7. Oh well, now i can say we got the first fire of the year in the county.
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    Talking Where???

    Hey Shaun...... Sounds like Middletown Road.... Over in PG we've had 5 so far today. 2 bells, 1 EMS assist, and 2 Auto Accidents. No working fires yet, but it shouldn't be long. By the way, When is the new Tanker 19 due in? Stay Safe....
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    na....it was AA. Co. box 19-11, colbert rd. off of whitehall rd. (ritght off of rt.50 about 2 miles before the baybridge). We had a few ambo. calls but im not an emt...yet so they dont count. And the new tanker is going to be an 8 person kme (yea i know) pumper tanker. 2500 gal. tank with a 1500 single stage pump and a 500hp engine . Its due at the end of this month.
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