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    Default Lock your doors.

    Things are getting bad ---

    -----Original Message-----
    From: FFCA >
    To: CFE >
    Date: Thursday, January 02, 2003 8:50 AM
    Subject: Theft of Jacksonville Fire Department Equipment
    January 2, 2003
    Sometime between 12/29/02, 0900 hours and 12/30/02, 0730 hours persons
    unknown entered Jacksonville Fire Station # 25 located at 5423 manor Drive
    in Jacksonville, FL and stole the following Jacksonville Fire Department
    equipment: 11 Fire Safety Helmets; 12 High Intensity Saber Flash Lights; 2
    pair of Fire Safety Pants and 2 pair of Fire Safety Boots. The equipment
    was reportedly last seen hanging on equipment hooks in the truck bay area of
    the Fire Station. It is suspected that the equipment was stolen when
    employees had been out on calls for service. No sign of forced entry. No
    equipment or personal items are apparently missing from any other areas of
    the station. This matter was reported to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office
    (JSO case # 1134121).
    From a Domestic Security perspective, the theft of uniforms and equipment
    always represents a concern related to impersonations that may be
    orchestrated by would-be terrorists. All agencies are requested to be aware
    of this advisory and notify the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office if any leads
    are developed concerning the location of the equipment and possible suspects
    in this matter.

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    Angry I really hate to say this, but....

    I hope that the PD/SO also keeps a close eye on Ebay. It really sucks, but that is a likely place for this stuff to show up. Good luck to the affected department in getting their equipment back or at least finding the idiot responsible.
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