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    Default Fair promotions

    My dept. has had problems with its promotional process, which includes a written test and an oral board.

    Our problem has been getting enough people to pass a written test to have some competition at the oral board level. (In our last promotions, only two people passed and there were two positions, so no oral board was given.)

    I take the position that a test score alone is hardly adequate proof of being the best candidate for the job. But if a test is valid and reliable, it can't really be watered down, can it?

    Any ideas?

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    No, it can't.

    But the department should give a generous amount of warning in advance of the test. They should also provide the references for where the test questions will be taken from.


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    It is in no ones interest to make the promotional exams too hard as members will not get their promotions and management will not be able to have enough people who can act in accordance with the contract when temp positions come available. The promotional exams are created here by a joint committee of management and union.

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