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    Default # of posts ?

    I know this may sound silly, but it is something I take small pride in.....How did I go from having 1100+ posts down to 874?

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    See the 200,000 post in firefighting forums.

    If you posted in any threads that were deleted or archived, it looks like your post count got taken down during an annual reboot of the stats.

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    Question almost the same question

    I noticed today that I went to 39 posts from 140 or so. However, yesterday when trying to post to a forum, I tried at least four time. I'd log on , be greeted that I was logged in, type my post, but when I hit submit I was told sorry I wasn't logged on. Now I'll admit I 'm not the world's fastest typist, but is there a timed log off or something? It got a bit frustrating to say the least. I finally gave up. Today things seem to be OK. What gives here?

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