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    Question Winter Pump Operations

    Do you run your pumps wet or dry in freezing temperatures? Our department runs dry pumps and I am not convinced this is the best option. Looking for information on both sides.
    Michael Miller

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    Lt. Mike,

    We keep our pumps wet all year long. A "dry" pump will always have some moisture in it. From our experience, "dry" pumps will freeze faster than wet pumps.

    Two things to watch out for:
    1. your drain lines may freeze and I don't know wof a good way to keep that from happening
    2. if you park your apparatus outside for a long time in freezing conditions, watch your water temperature as you recirculate the water through the pump. It is possible to overheat the pump packing and pretty soon you have excessive water leaking from the pump.

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    We keep our pumps wet all year long. We pull the caps, check the drains daily and circulate water when on a job.

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    We, here in the great white north, keep our pumps wet all year. A dry pump is mroe likely to freeze than a wet one. If I am parked outside for a while I will circulate the pump while keeping an eye on temperature. Shutting down the pump periodically will prevent any problems. We also keep a spray bottle of plumbing antifreeze and a spray bottle of methyl hydrate. Be sure to check port caps if you are outside for a while. A small leak in a valve can lead to a huge headache. Also if attack crews will be leaving lines unattended, ensure that they open nozzles to keep water flowing a little.

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