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    Question Scott Or ISI

    I have heard alot about Scott packs like they are too big and their regulators are huge which they are since i have held one in my hand and i have heard that the bottles are huge and i also agree with that now my post uses ISI which i like they use 45 min bottles which are small and lite and they are easy to use the regulators are small and easy to hold so if you have used both which do you like more

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    Almost all SCBA bottles are made by the same company (Luxfer). They are made to the SCBA manufacturers requirements, but basically are all the same. Depending on the material the bottles are made with, the weights and sizes will vary. This is also true for 2216psi bottles vs 4500psi bottles.

    If you wish to compare the SCBA's, you need to be sure you are comparing apples to apples. Same psi, same bottle construction etc. SCOTT brand SCBA's are very lightweight and small in size with the composite high pressure bottles. So are MSA, Survivair, etc.

    We used to have ISI Viking's. The mask regulator was very small and lightweight. Unfortunately, it is also only a molded piece of plastic that got broken very often in actual use. Also, since it was so small, removal of it when wearing gloves was pretty difficult. The packs we had used a whistle for the low air alarm. Problem was when you would get water in it, it would not function. We have since switched to Survivair.
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    like anyone i want a more well known proven brand of air pack on my back. i prefer scotts.
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