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Wednesday, January 01, 2003

HARRISBURG, PA: 2nd Alarm at 1258 Market St. Heavy fire rear of a Commercial building with residential dwellings above. 3 story building. [DC/PA1]. 1:28a.m.

HARTFORD, CT: Working fire at 327 Franklin Ave. Smoke showing from a 3-story occupied multiple dwelling with a bakery on the 1st floor. Companies assisting residents out of the building. S/C for a 5th Engine. *154.310* [TAC9-C09]. 1:54p.m.

2nd Alarm HARTFORD, CT: 327 Franklin Ave. 3-story occupied multiple dwelling with a bakery on 1st floor. Companies assisting residents from the building. Fire on the 2nd floor extending up. *154.310* [TAC9-C09]. 1:59p.m.

CANAAN, ME: Working fire on Rte.2. Building with heavy fire on arrival. Mutual Aid from Skowhegan & Clinton responding. *460.6375* C411 [TAC9-C520]. 6:26p.m.

QUEENS, NY: *2nd Alarm* Box 9571 @ 72 Ave & Groton St. 2.5-story dwelling - fully involved - front to rear - top to bottom. * MNS-2. 7:03a.m.

QUEENS, NY **2nd Alarm** 7216 Carrol St. Fire is in a 2.5-story private dwelling. 2 lines stretched operating. Fire is doubtful. [EAN388]. 7:24a.m.

MUNCIE TWP. (ST. CLAIR Co.), MI: (3:20hrs EST) ***3rd Alarm Equiv.*** Capac Rd and I-69. Fire at the Countryside Catering Company. M/A from Berlin, Emmett, Almont, Memphis & Imlay City plus several others for Station coverage. 1-story commercial building. (FNNM-277, 1062*). 7:35a.m.

MERIDEN, CT: Working fire at 120 Gravel St. A kitchen fire in an occupied dwelling. Fire is knocked down. CT19. [TAC9-C51]. 9:47a.m.

SAN BERNADINO, CA: 2nd Alarm fire in the 3700 blook of Arrowhead Ave. Occupied residential structure. [FIREPAGE (R)LA-1R]. 10:44a.m.

MORRIS, CT: Working fire on Platt Farm Rd. Building fire. Mutual Aid to the scene. CT84/C176 [TAC9-C520]. 11:08a.m.

ATTLEBORO, MA: Working fire at 19 John St. Fire on the exterior of an occupied dwelling. All Companies working. *154.385* [TAC9-C304]. 11:48a.m.

Update ATTLEBORO, MA: Working fire at 19 John St. Outside fire knocked down. Minor extension to dwelling - now PWH. C51 O/S [TAC9-C304]. 11:59a.m.

NEW YORK, NY: FDNY Approx. Activity: December 2002: Working fires: 59; 75s: 272; 2nd Alarms: 22; 3rd Alarms: 4; 5th Alarms: 1; 10/77s: 12; HazMats: 12; Various 10-45s: 28. [MNS-30]. 12:30p.m.

2nd Alarm - BRAINTREE, MA: Box 515 at 120 Peach St 1.5-story wood frame with heavy fire top floor. *483.5125* C461 [TAC9-C158]. 12:30p.m.

NEW YORK, NY: Approx. Activity for the year 2002: Working fires: 684; 10-75s: 2,604; 2nd Alarms: 215; 3rd Alarms: 24; 4th Alarms: 7; 5th Alarms: 2; 10-77s: 66; 10/76s: 9; Haz-Mats: 133; Various 10-45s: 262; One 10-60 2nd Alarm with 32 aided. [MNS-30]. 12:36p.m.

Update - BRAINTREE, MA: 2nd Alarm - Box 515 at 120 Peach St. S/C for an additional Engine to the scene as the FAST Co. All Companies working. *483.5125* C461 [TAC9-C158]. 12:42p.m.

KANSAS CITY, MO: Working fire @ 5613 N. Booth x NE 56th Street. Smoke showing from a 2-story frame. CAR103, P6, P34, P40, R12, T12, T10. [KCFN-02]. 1:21p.m.

WELLESLEY, MA: Working fire - Box 334 at 16 Glen Rd. Kitchen fire on floor 1 now knocked down. Weston & Needham Station coverage. Newton Engine on the line Box. *482.575* C302/C519 [TAC9-C520]. 1:54p.m.

CHARLESTOWN, RI: Working fire at 6 Wutala Dr. Fire in the attic on a private dwelling. M/A from Richmond, RI. *151.065* [TAC9-C304]. 4:17p.m.

Update CHARLESTOWN, RI: Working fire at 6 Wutala Dr. 1-story wood frame. Fire extended from chimney to attic. 2 lines run. Fire knocked down. Companies venting PWH. [TAC9-C304]. 4:23p.m.

Town of MAMARONECK (WESTCHESTER Co.), NY: *2nd Alarm Equiv* 20 Stoneyside Drive x Ellsworth Rd/Greystone Lane (off Weaver Rd near Scarsdale Line). Heavy fire in a large 2.5-story dwelling. M/A Larchmont & Village of Mamaroneck. [MNS342]. 6:45p.m.

MANCHESTER, CT: Working fire at 86 Autumn Street. Heavy smoke showing. Fire in the basement. CT192/180/3404 [TAC9-C122]. 7:11p.m.

2nd Alarm - CENTERVILLE, MA: 200 Whistle Berry Dr. Building well involved on arrival. Extensive M/A for coverage and to the scene. DWH *800* C289 [TAC9-C519]. 7:58p.m.

STLFN: ST. CLAIR Co., IL: Northwest and Signal Hill FDs are on scene of a house fire @ 213 Carson Dr. 4701 advised light smoke showing from the attic of a 1-story house. Line was laid. Co.'s on scene: 4200, 4201, 4229, 4211, 4701, 4713. Fire is now under control. (STL835*). 10:00p.m.

ASHLAND, MA: Working fire at 238 Cordaville Road. Dwelling fire. Companies report fire showing on arrival. All occupants reported out. M/A en-route. *484.3875* [TAC9-C461]. 10:00p.m.

WOBURN, MA: MVA on Rt. 128 North by Rt. 93. 2 car MVA with serious injury. 1 patient transported to Lahey Clinic ALS. S/C Reading Rescue and Photo Recon to the scene. *483.6125/800* [TAC9-C158]. 10:48p.m.

BOSTON, MA: Working fire - Box 3492 at 310 Fuller Street. Structure fire. Companies report smoke showing. *483.1875* C06 [TAC9-C461]. 11:08p.m.

Update - BOSTON, MA: Working fire - Box 3492 at 310 Fuller Street. CAR 8 reports a fire in a 3-story wood frame. Fire on floor #3. Two lines in operation. Bulk of the fire is knocked down. [TAC9-C461]. 11:20p.m.

STLFN: WASHINGTON Co., IL: Oakaville FD on scene of a house fire @ 11498 Cattleton Rd. Addeville FD responded M/A with a Pumper and manpower. (STL 835). 11:30p.m.


*** FirePage Ohio Report for January 1, 2003 ***

FirePage Ohio covers all of Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Northern Kentucky. We send all of our incident notifications via E-Mail. So, if you carry an alphanumeric pager, PDA or cell phone, and that device has an E-Mail address, we can get the information to you.

For additional information: E-Mail info@firepageohio.com or visit our web site at http://www.firepageohio.com.

If you'd like to report an incident, please call our hotline number: 1-888-342-0143, and leave a message. Please make sure you include your name and a call back number.

This report is complied by FirePage Ohio Dispatcher Scott Berringer (703@firepageohio.com)

- 0032
Brunswick Hills FD (Medina): W/F 2342 Browning. 2 sty house with heavy smoke showing. M/A Brunswick City FD. FPO/D703

- 0042
Brunswick Hills FD (Medina): W/F 2342 Browning. Medina Twp FD S/C'd for manpower per Chief 25. FPO/D703

- 0212
Columbus FD: (Delayed) MVA/PIN West Long St & Marconi Blvd. Cos: Eng 9, Med 1, Res2cuE. EMS 11 S/C'd for entrapment. Med 1 taking 1 to Grant with Level 1 Trauma. FPO/276/D260

- 0225
Dayton, KY FD (Campbell): W/F 900 Block of 3rd St. Dayton, Bellevue, Fort Thomas & Woodlawn FDs enroute. FPO/D1002

- 0553
Cleveland FD: MVA/PIN East 77 & St. Clair Ave. 2 car MVA, heavy damage. 1 Pinned. Cos: Eng 30, Lad 30, squad 3, BN 6, EMS Medic 10, 12, & EMS Supervisor. FPO/D700

- 0738
Columbus FD: W/F 1277 East 22nd Ave. Cos: Eng 18, 16, Lad 13, Res16cuE, Med 18, BN 3. RIC: Eng 13, Med 16, EMS 13, SO 2. BN 3 (Flynn) has command. 2 sty house fully involved. FPO/D284

- 0743
Columbus FD: W/F 1277 East 22nd Ave. Fire now on 2nd floor. 1 FF with minor injuries. FPO/D284

- 0751
Columbus FD: W/F 1277 East 22nd Ave. BN 3 reports fire K/D. Holding all companies. FPO/D284

- 1009
Youngstown FD: (Delayed from 0035) W/F Box # 3258 @ Oak & Fruit. Cos: Eng 6, 7, 12, Lad 22, Squad 33, BN 1, 2. Heavy smoke showing. FPO/724/D323

- 1011
Youngstown FD: (Delayed from 0050) W/F Box # 3178 @ Lincoln Knolls Plaza on McCartney Rd. Cos: Eng 2, 3, 9, 15, Lad 24, Squad 33, BN 2. Squad 33 reports fire on the roof. FPO/724/D323

- 1203
Columbus FD: W/F 625 Fairwood Ave. Cos: Eng 15, 8, Lad 15, Res2cuE, Med 15, BN 6. 2 sty house. FPO/D217

- 1210
Columbus FD: W/F 625 Fairwood Ave. RIC: Eng 3. 2 lines on the fire. FPO/D217

- 1219
Columbus FD: W/F 525 Fairwood Ave. Defensive mode. Add Eng 21 & Res4cuE. FPO/D217

- 1222
Columbus FD: Extra Company W/F 525 Fairwood Ave. Resuming Offensive mode. Add Eng 2 & Med 2. FPO/D217

- 1237
Western Reserve JFD (Mahoning): MVA/PIN US 422 & Ohio/Pennsylvania line. Sta 91, 92 enroute. FPO/724/D323

- 1253
Columbus FD: W/F 625 Fairwood Ave. BN 6 reports fire K/D. Holding all companies. Add ES 2 to the card. Red Cross, Utilities & Arson S/C'd. FPO/D217

- 1522
Central Ohio JFD (Knox): W/F on Pleasant Valley Rd. Unattached Garage. M/A Fredrickstown Community FD & Mt Vernon FD for Tankers. Reports of explosions from the garage. FPO/D240

- 1524
Columbus FD: W/F 1123 East Main St. Cos: Eng 8, 15, Lad 8, Res2cuE, Med 8, BN 1. Heavy smoke from rear of the structure. FPO/D217

- 1531
Columbus FD: W/F 1123 East Main St. Upgrade to 'B' Assignment. Basement fire. Add Eng 2, Lad 15, BN 4. RIC: Eng 3. FPO/D217

- 1542
Columbus FD: W/F 1123 East Main St. 3 sty vacant bldg. Fire burned thru 1st floor. Arson S/C'd. Fire K/D. Holding all companies except RIC. FPO/D217

- 1542
Central Ohio JFD (Knox): W/F on Pleasant Valley Rd. BN 421 (Porter) has command. FPO/D240

- 1545
Central Ohio JFD (Knox): W/F on Pleasant Valley Rd. Eng 422 reports fire K/D. Holding all companies. FPO/D240

- 1651
Cleveland FD: W/F West 53 & Walworth. BN 4 reports fire in a comm'l bldg. Cos: Eng 24, 4, Lad 4, Squad 2, & BN 4. Tactical Res5cuE - Worker. Lad 20 - RIT. FPO/D700

- 1747
Cleveland FD: W/F East 77 & Central. BN 1 reports fire in a 2.5 sty house. Cos: Eng 26, 9, Lad 17, Squad 3, & BN 1. Eng 17 - Worker. Lad 7 - RIT. FPO/D700

- 2156
Creston FD (Wayne): Extra Company MVA Irving & Pleasant Home. M/A Squads from Smithville FD & Sterling FD. FPO/D701

- 2206
LaGrange Twp Fire & Rescue (Lorain): MVA/PIN 15347 Wheeler Rd. Vehicle rollover with entrapment. MF/FPO/D703

- 2354
Columbus FD: W/F 278 North 17th St. Eng 8 reports a 2 sty house. Cos: Eng 8, 1, Lad 8, Res2cuE, Med 8, 1, BN 1. RIC: Eng 9, EMS 11, SO 2. FPO/D260

- 2357
Columbus FD: W/F 278 North 17th St. Bystanders report 1 trapped. FPO/276/D260

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DC Firecom/Baltimore Metro Dispatch Report
Mon, 30 Dec 2002

BALTIMORE Co., MD: Nursing Home / 4104 Taylor Ave / Co.#8 - Fullerton / Had fire 3rd floor / Fire K/D / Medical Strike Team Rqstd / (1) civ w/3rd degree burns. [DC/BMD/E*23-1-44] 12:10hrs.


NEFNN CONNECTICUT FIRE LOG (http://www.nefnn.com)
-by Scott Harris


1956 ACW MILFORD CONN 17 Housatonic Ave partition fire with smoke showing from the attic

2214 ACW NEW HAVEN CONN Box 3334 195 Lakeview Terrace bedroom fire floor #2


0900 W/F STAMFORD CONN 77 Glenbrook Rd 2.5-story frame 4-unit OMD - fire floor #2

1729 W/F MADISON CONN 32 Wildwood Ave house fire - smoke showing from the attic

2115 ACW HARTFORD CONN Box 921 48 Westbourne Parkway - attic fire


0958 ACW FARMINGTON CONN 50 Two Mile Rd 1-story frame - fire contained in attached garage

2135 W/F WATERBURY CONN 120 Cherry St garage fire


0247 2nd ALM HARTFORD CONN Box 525 327 Franklin Ave 3-story brick apartments over a bakery (Mozzicatos Bakery) - fire originated in or around an oven in the bakery extending up thru the walls to floors 2+3 (18 people homeless)

1015 ACW MERIDEN CONN 120 Gravel St "Eastgate Commons Apts" kitchen fire in (1) apartment contained

1147 W/F MORRIS CONN 46 Platt Farm Rd structural fire - mutual aid tankers

1257 ACW STRATFORD CONN 1000 Great Meadow Rd "Sikorsky Airport" - fire in generator room with (1) civilian burn victim - Bridgeport FD also on scene

2000 W/F+ MANCHESTER CONN 86 Autumn St cellar fire - special call add'l engine & truck



London Fire Brigade Daily Report

14 Dec 02

No workers
Runs for the day: 661

15 Dec 02

1117 E40 Sidcup 4 pump fire at 207 Burnt Oak Lane, 2-sty private dwelling 10m x 10m, 2nd flr fire using 1 hosereel.

Runs for the day: 546

16 Dec 02

2321 F41 Dagenham 4 pump fire on Chequers Lane, 1-sty derelict auto repair shop 40m x 25m, heavy fire showing, using 2 jets.

Runs for the day: 521

17 Dec 02

0819 G22 Stanmore Persons reported fire (fatal) at 2 Bellamy Dr, 2-sty private dwelling 8m x 5m, 2nd flr fire using 1 hosereel, 1 civilian found DOA.

0119 G31 Northolt 15 PUMP FIRE, TL (Turntable Ladder) Req, ALP (Aerial Ladder Platform) Req, HLL (Hose Laying Lorry) Req on Strongbridge Close, three 3-sty apartment bldgs 25m x 30m, heavy fire in the center building on 3rd flr extended thru the roof, extension to north and south buildings 3rd flr and roof, trench cutting in progress, 50 civilians evacuated, using 8 jets, 4 hosereels, ALP monitor, thermal imaging cameras, 4 pumps in water relay operations, U/C @
2043hrs on 18 Dec 02.

0618 E36 Deptford 8 PUMP FIRE, HP (Hydraulic Platform) Req x 2, HLL (Hose Laying Lorry) Req at Parkside Business Park on Rolt St, 1-sty clothing warehouse 20m x 15m fully involved extended to 30m x 10m railway sheds, 1 truck and 3 land-sea containers, using 4 jets, 2 ground monitors, 2 HP monitors, water relay operations, U/C @ 1226hrs on 18 Dec 02.

Runs for the day: 614

18 Dec 02

No workers
Continuation of multiple alarm fires in Northolt and Deptford districts.

Runs for the day: 761

19 Dec 02

0905 H39 Surbiton Fatal fire at Sunny Farm on Green Lane, fire in a motor home using 1 hosereel, 1 civilian DOA, 1 civilian w/smoke inhalation.

1311 G30 Wembley Cylinders reported fire at Flat 18, Mount Pleasant, 3-sty shop and apartments 10m x 15m, fire in a roofing tar boiler and 1 25kg propane cylinder, using 1 jet & 2 hosereels, 3 roofers rescued via ground ladder.

2230 G24 Southall 4 pump fire, persons reported at Rutherford Tower on Lovell Rd, 12-sty apartment bldg 25m x 25m, 10th flr apartment fire using 1 jet & 1 dry riser main, 30 civilians evacuated, 5 with smoke inhalation.

Runs for the day: 638

20 Dec 02

1324 F43 Barking 4 pump chemical incident at Bulgin Company on Alfred's Way, 40 gallon drum of paraffin oil, cutting oil and 28% hydrochloric acid venting in an open yard, area isolated and restricted.

2210 H38 Sutton 4 pump fire at 67A Sutton Common Rd, 2-sty shop & dwellings 10m x 15m, heavy fire in cockloft and thru the roof using 4 hosereels, thermal imaging camera, 1 civlian injured.

Runs for the day: 676

21 Dec 02

0210 F40 Wennington 3 pump fire on New Rd, truck fire fully involved with two 100kg acetylene cylinders, using 1 jet, thermal imaging camera.

2259 G40 hayes 4 pump fire at the Nestle Company, North Hyde Gardens, fire in a 40m x 40m coffee production building and commercial coffee roaster extinguished by deluge system, using 1 hosereel.

Runs for the day: 721

22 Dec 02

2111 F31 Kingsland 3 pump fire, persons reported at 1-19 Kingsland Green, 4 & 5-sty apartment bldg 30m x 20m, 4th flr corridor fire using 1 hosereel, 26 civilians evacuated, 4 with smoke inhalation.

2147 F42 Ilford Persons reported fire at 69 Belgrave Rd, 2-sty private dwelling 10m x 8m, 1st flr fire using 1 hosereel, 2 civilians w/smoke inhalation.

Runs for the day: 696

23 Dec 02

No workers
Runs for the day: 613

24 Dec 02

1709 F24 Shoreditch 4 pump fire at 103 Hoxton St, 2-sty apartment block 100m x 100m, fire in utility ducts using 1 jet & 1 hosereel, 3 civilians w/smoke inhalation.

0120 H40 new malden 4 pump fire at 35 Poplar Grove, 2-sty private dwelling 10m x 15m, 1st flr fire extended to garage & 2nd flr, using 3 hosereels.

0257 A31 Holloway 4 pump fire at 7 Albemarle Mansions on Holloway Rd, 4-sty shop & dwellings 5m x 20m, roof fire using 1 hosereel, thermal imaging camera, 8 civilians evacuated.

Runs for the day: 654

25 Dec 02

0808 E28 Bexley Persons reported fire at 18 Bethel Rd, 2-sty private dwelling 6m x 12m, 1st flr fire using 1 hosereel, 1 civilian rescued via ground ladder w/smoke inhalation.

1825 H42 Richmond Cylinders reported fire at Richmond Lock & Weir, ship fire with 45kg acetylene cylinder involved, using lightweight portable pump, 3 jets, thermal imaging camera.

2027 G24 Southall 4 pump fire at Osterley RFC on Tentelow Rd, 1-sty atheletic club 30m x 40m with heavy fire, using 4 jets.

0138 F43 Barking Persons reported fire at 15 Westbury Court, 1st flr apartment fire using 1 hosereel, 2 civilians rescued w/smoke inhalation.

Runs for the day: 502

26 Dec 02

1138 A33 tottenham 3 pump fire, persons reported at 1 Winchelsea Rd, 2-sty private dwelling 5m x 15m, 1st flr fire using 1 hosereel, 1 civilian rescued.

2031 F42 Ilford Cylinders reported fire on Wanstead Park Rd, storage yard fire involving 3 cars and two 75kg acetylene cylinders, using 1 jet & 1 hosereel.

2309 F25 Shadwell Persons reported fire at 64A Senrab St, 3-sty apartment bldg 4m x 10m, 1st flr fire using 1 hosereel, 2 civilians rescued w/burns & smoke inhalation, 2 add'l civilians rescued.

0257 E34 Dockhead 4 pump fire at The Travel Inn, 165 Tower Bridge Rd, 4-sty bldg under refurbishment 50m x 25m, 1st flr electrical fire using 10 CO2 extinguishers.

Runs for the day: 517

27 Dec 02

No workers
Runs for the day: 566

28 Dec 02

No report

29 Dec 02

0243 F27 Bow Cylinders reported fire on Marshgate Lane, fire involving 4 acetylene and 3 propane cylinders, using 2 jets.

1713 G36 Hammersmith Persons reported fire at 70 Greyhound Lane, 2nd flr apartment fire using 1 hosereel, 1 civilian rescued w/smoke inhalation.

2111 F38 Romford 4 pump fire at David Compton Lodge on Gooshays Dr, vacant 2-sty residential home 30m x 30m, fire on 2nd flr thru the roof, using 2 jets.

2251 A35 Enfirld 8 PUMP FIRE at 11 Lychett Way, 4-sty apartment bldg 80m x 10m, fire in 3rd & 4th flr maisonette using 2 jets, thermal imaging camera, 50 civilians evacuated.

Runs for the day: 575

30 Dec 02

1745 A31 Holloway 4 pump fire, persons reported at 43 Finsbury Park Rd, 1 & 3-sty private dwelling 8m x 15m, heavy fire first flr using 1 hosereel.

Runs for the day: 721

New Years Eve

1832 F22 Poplar 4 pump fire at 11 Braithewaite House on Abbot Rd, 4th flr apartment with heavy fire, using 2 hosereels.

2006 G25 Acton 4 pump fire at 278 Acton High Street, 1 & 3-sty shop & dwellings under refurbishment, heavy fire 2nd & 3rd flrs using 2 jets & 2 hosereels.

Runs for the day: 620
Runs for the year: 280786

New Years Day

2023 F32 Stoke Newington 4 pump fire, cylinders reported at 622 Ferntower Rd, 1-sty auto shop 8m x 5m, fully involved basement thru the roof, two 30kg acetylene cylinders involved, using 1 jet, 2 ground monitors, thermal imaging camera.

Runs for the day: 725
Runs for the year: 725



**** UPDATE****

PHILADELPHIA, PA: Fire officials have determined the cause of a New Year's Eve fire that damaged a south Philadelphia Buddhist temple and gave the Mummers quite a scare. A portable heater is blamed for the two-alarm fire at Second and Dickinson.

Five people were evacuated from the Buddhist temple and one person was treated for smoke inhalation.

Bob Bartosz


Bronx, N.Y. 01/01/03 @ 02:00 hrs.
East Morrisania Area

All - Hands #1

Box 2332
address: 845 Southern Blvd.
between: Intervail Ave. & Tiffany St.

2332 @ 01:53
Engs. 94, 73, 82
Lads. 48, 42
Batt. 3

10 - 75 - 2332 @ 01:57
TowerLadder 31 is designated as the "FAST" Truck
Eng. 82
Rescue Co. #3
Squad Co. #41
Batt. 14
Division 6

Fire Building:
3 Story Brick 20 x 40
Surrounding Properties:
Exp. #1: Is a Street
Exp. #2: Is a Similar Type attach
Exp. #3: Is a Rear Yard
Exp. #4: Is a Similar Type attach

All - Hands:
7 - 5 - 2332 @ 01:58
Batt. 3 reports, Box 2332, were using All - Hands. We have a fire on the 1st. floor of a 3 story multiple dwelling. 2 - lines are stretched, 1 - line in operation. Primary search in progress. Fire's Doubtful.

@ 02:05
Division 6 reports, "Bronx, dispatch some fire units around the corner to Fox & Barretto Streets, we have a fire on the top floor of a bldg.

@ 02:06 Batt. 3:
2 - lines stretched, 2 - lines in operation. Primary search still in progress. Fire is Still Doubtful.

@ 02:14 Batt. 3:
Primary & Secondary searches are all negative.

Note: Division 6 went to the Barretto St. job,
Division 7 now assigned to Box 2332

@ 02:21 Batt. 3:
Fire is Probably Will Hold.

@ 02:29
Special Call an additional Truck. Lad. 32 is s/c

@ 02:35 Division 7:
All Secondary searches are negative. Fire is UnderControl.


Bronx, N.Y. 01/01/03
All - Hands #2 @ 02:00 hrs.

Box 2362
address: 914 Simpson St.
between: Barretto St. & East 163rd. St.

Verbal Alarm from Division 6 from the job above.
2362 @ 02:05
Eng. 71
Lad. 55
Batt. 17

10 - 75 - 2362 @ 02:07 ( from Division 6 )
Ladder 29 is designated as the "FAST" Truck
Engs. 83, 92, 60
Lads 54
Assign Rescue & Squad operating above.
Batt. 14
Division 7

Fire Building:
5 Story Brick 150 x 200 "H" Type M. D.
Surrounding Properties:
Exp. #1: Is a Street
Exp. #2: Is a 3 Story Commercial
Exp. #3: Is a Rear Yard
Exp. #4: Is a Similar Type attach

All - Hands:
7 - 5 - 2362 @ 02:15
Rescue Co. #4 assigned
Squad Co. #61 assigned

Batt. 17 reports, Were using All - Hands for a fire on the top floor of a 5 story " H " type multiple dwelling. We have 1 line being stretched, not in operation. Searches in progress. "K" Doubtful.

@ 02:18
Rescue #3 available from above, sent in. Rescue #4 returned.

@ 02:27 Division 6:
Main body of fire knocked down. Primary search of the adjacent apartments are negative. Still Doubtful.

@ 02:35 Division 6:
Primary search of the fire apt. is negative.
Fire is Probably Will Hold.

@ 02:48 Division 6:
All fire has been knocked down. Secondary searches thru out are negative, with the exception of the fire apt.

@ 02:54 Division 6:
Secondary search of the fire apt. is negative.
We are investigating a possible compactor fire in the bldg. "K"

@ 02:58 Division 6:
Fire is UnderControl. We have a conferm compactor fire in the bldg. Units will be operating "K"


Brooklyn, N.Y. 01/01/03 @ 02:30
Williamsburg Section

Box 231
address: 246 South 3rd. Street
between: Marcy Ave. & Havenmeyer St.

Note: The orriginal alarm went out for the same address as the previous All - Hands Fire on 12/31/02 @ 24:00 hrs.. A change of address was reported.

231 @ 02:17
Engs. 229, 221, 212, 216
Lads. 108, 146
Batt. 35

10 - 75 - 231 @ 02:21
TowerLadder 119 is designated as the "FAST" Truck
Eng. 211
Rescue Co. #2
Squad Co. #252
Batt. 31
Division 11

Fire Building:
3 Story Brick 25 x 50
Surrounding Properties:
Exp. #1: Is a Street
Exp. #2: Is a Side Yard
Exp. #3: Is a Rear Yard
Exp. #4: Is a Similar Type attach

All - Hands:
7 - 5 - 231 @ 02:25
Batt. 35 reports, Were using All - Hands for a fire on the 2nd & 3rd. floors of a 3 story multiple dwelling. Searches are in progress. Trucks "Opening Up" Doubtful Will Hold.

@ 02:30 Batt. 35:
Fire has been knocked down on the 2nd. & 3rd. floors. Primary search still in progress. Probably Will Hold.

@ 02:41 Division 11:
Primary searches are completed and are negative.

@ 02:45 Division 11:
Secondary searches are completed thru out & are negative. Fire is UnderControl.




On Wednesday, January 01, 2003, at 0802 hours (8:02 a.m.), nine companies of Los Angeles Firefighters, one Battalion Command Team, and five LAFD Rescue Ambulances, under the direction of Battalion Commander Craig A. Fry, responded to a Greater Alarm Structure Fire at 2616 North Hollyridge Drive in the Hollywood/Bronson area. First units on the scene reported a three-story, hillside, single family dwelling with fire showing on the third floor (ground/street level). Firefighters using handlines aggressively attacked the fire while simultaneously conducting search and rescue and roof ventilation. During the ventilation phase of the fire, a partial collapse of the roof occurred causing one Firefighter to fall into the attic area of the structure that was well involved with fire. As a result of his entrapment, he suffered second and third degree burns to his feet, legs and arm. To prevent the Firefighter from falling completely through the attic and possibly suffering catastrophe injuries, a fellow Firefighter held onto to him, while suffering second and third degree burns to his legs and hand. Both were quickly rescued by additional Firefighters working in the immediate area. They are listed in stable condition and were transported to Sherman Oaks Community Hospital. During the search and rescue phase of the incident, a male in his sixties was found inside the structure and declared dead on the scene. A male and female adult on a lower floor escaped the fire without injuries. No other injuries were reported and the cause of the fire is listed as under investigation. Fire damage is estimated at $650,000. ($500,000 structure and $150,000 contents)

James "Jim" R. Wells
Public Service Officer
Los Angeles Fire Department
200 North Main Street, Room OCD-E423
Los Angeles, CA 90012 USA

Fax: (213) 485-2708
LAFD E-Mail: jrw0585@lafd.lacity.org
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Chief Billy Goldfeder writes....

Well-It's 2003. Who knows WHAT'S gonna happen in this business of ours-hopefully, like FDNY (no firefighter deaths in 2002) the rest of the nation will mimic that in 2003. On the other hand-just by looking around, you can kinda predict what will probably happen. Now-please don't expect some deeply philosophical TSL below to suggest HOW it can all change - you know what needs to happen. This ain't rocket science pal!

BUT we do have a few FREE "New Years Resolutions" that you might find of value for the New Year of 2003! These are VERY handy little resolutions....you can copy them, paste'm up, pass them on, put on desks, post on lockers and slide under doors!


1=Try to look before backing apparatus so ya don't rip doors off and run anyone over.

2=Try to generally slow down and try to stop at red lights while responding so ya don't hurt anyone.

3=Secure or even close the roadways down when your members are operating on them so some lunatic doesn't run us over.

4=Spend at least the same amount of time training (to make sure some FF's "have a clue" when operating) as we do discussing, planning, making, eating and digesting the ever important firehouse meal.

5=PRINT and DISTRIBUTE items such as THE "priceless" SECRET LIST, online fire related items and sites, magazine articles and other "stuff" that will help the FF's GET IT....AND...if they ignore these items, post them in the BATHROOMS so they HAVE to read it.

6=Operate w/DICTATORIAL accountability and strict/disciplined command & control on the scene.

7=Don't stop yelling and screaming to your superiors, elected officials, bosses and others who make more money than you do if your fire radios don't work right and you can't speak to each other via radio on a scene.

8=Try your best to teach/learn that ventilation requires a TRUCK COMPANY crew, not a FAN blowing air in the door.

9="Lay a supply line" on structural responses so we have it when we need it...and we'll cheerfully help pack it when we are done.

10=Make sure that you INVITE as many FD's as it takes (to get the tasks done) to a first alarm assignment reporting a structural fire until ya know that they won't be needed.

11=Encourage your FD to regularly TRAIN with the other FD's and Companies that ya respond with so when we get to a scene, we don't have to spend 20 minutes socializing & cordially "getting to know each other" while the building burns down.

12=Spend some of your "precious valuable time" assuring the apparatus and all equipment & tools are "ready" before the run comes in....it's sucks when the roof saw is out of fuel or the airpak is low.

13=TRY to make the scenes a bit safer with enough people (call mutual aid if you don't have it-enough excuses!) to provide an effective and trained RIT/FAST Team, a backup hoseline or two, a search crew, a vent crew, water supply, sector officers and even someone to watch the garage door so it doesn't close on the members operating inside.

14=Work FEVERISHLY on a personal goal of minimizing NTS wherever possible.

15=Devote some TIME to teach, train and guide some of the 6-22's you work with. (Whats a 6-22 ?...a 6-22 is a FF with 6 months on the job but acts like they have 22 years experience...! The term "6-22" is a patented service mark of TSL...but you may use it with permission)

16=Encourage your FD to look BEYOND "low bid" on the stuff we need and also do "provable" research on the stuff to support that. Give the bosses the "ammo" they need so you don't end up with crap.

17=Attend AT LEAST one national fire related school or conference for training....even if you have to pay for it (a/k/a invest in) yourself. Not sure which ones? How about FDIC, FDIC West, Firehouse Expo, Firehouse World, Command School, IAFC's Fire-Rescue International etc etc?

18=Apply to take a course at the National Fire Academy. It's free.

19=Work to support politicians who have proven to support firefighters and related programs-and will work even harder to remove those that don't.

20=FORGET? NEVER. We are supposedly a Country that had been attacked and need to act more like it. 343 firefighters and thousands of other good people were murdered on 9-11-01 as well as prior to that in terrorist attacks. Don't let Americans forget...no matter how hard they may want to. We really need to do whatever it takes to carry on that message and insure that it NEVER happens again. Sometimes we worry......but NEVER give up.

Happy New Year!

The Secret List 01/03
Firehouse MembersZone Contributor


In addition to Chief Billy Goldfeder's TSL 2003 New Year's Resolutions above - here's a link (below) to some photo's which hopefully won't happen to your FD this year. Thanks to Jeff Billingsley hosetotr@midsouth.rr.com for sending them my way.

Don't let this happen in 2003

-Paul Brown
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CAROLINAS FIRE PAGE News Release Sept 10, 2002

In honor of all the Firefighters of FDNY, CFP has completed a special project that began more than one year ago.

We have completed and uploaded fire station maps of FDNY, broken down by Division and Battalion.

All fire stations are shown in accurate detail, in most cases to exact street level detail. All front line companies are shown as well as special units. Also included are volunteer companies, Fire Patrol units, FDNY Fire Zone, Boro Comm Offices and the new locations for Boro Commands.

To our knowledge, this information does not exist in this graphic format, on the internet or otherwise.

In addition, we have also prepared a special page entitled "9-11 Incident Log"

This is a timeline of the events of Sept 11, 2001 along with a log of our pages sent out that grim day. Included are "behind the scenes" administrative pages between dispatchers.

Be advised that our new site uses flash graphics extensively, so we recommend you having the latest free flash plug-in from Macromedia. Instructions for obtaining this small software are located on our entry page.



Jeff Harkey


University City, MO

Does anyone know of someone who customizes replicas of St. Louis area police or fire vehicles? I'm trying to find someone who can produce a University City police and/or fire unit. I used to be involved with their police and fire departments. Please let me know if you can connect me with the right person or organization in the St. Louis area.

Best regards,

John Nash
McLean, VA
(formally of U. City)


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