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    Default Breaking News Train Derailment - Burbank

    A Metrolink passenger commuter train has collided with a vehicle
    The vehicle is destroyed and two metrolink cars have gone off the tracks
    Burbank Battalion 1 is now Metro IC
    Numerous injury's resources enroute from Glendale, Burbank and Pasadena


    Has a live feed of this incident

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    BURBANK, Calif. (AP) - A Metrolink train carrying Monday morning
    commuters smashed into a truck and derailed, killing the motorist
    and injuring 32 people on board as it littered 1,000 feet of track
    with flying metal.
    The identity of the truck driver was not immediately released.
    Train No. 210 was carrying 58 passengers and a crew of two from
    the Santa Clarita Valley south to downtown Los Angeles, Metrolink
    spokeswoman Sharon Gavin said.
    Witnesses said the truck - a pickup or flatbed - turned onto the
    track in front of the train about 9:30 a.m. despite lowered
    crossing gates and flashing signals.
    "As he came up he kinda slowed down and then he just started
    turning right into it," motorist Tanya Aguilar told KCAL-TV. "I
    was honking - oh my God, you know, going 'Oh my God, oh my God,
    stop,' and he went right into it."
    The 450-ton train struck it and tore it in two, carrying some of
    the wreckage down the track while the rest exploded in flames.
    It was unclear how fast the train was moving but typically
    commuter runs reach no more than 50 mph in the area, Burbank Fire
    Department Battalion Chief David Starr said.
    The train's data recorder will be examined to determine speed
    and other information, Gavin said.
    Specific conditions of the injured were not known but Starr said
    none were believed to be life-threatening. Four victims had to be
    taken to hospitals immediately, eight others were transported on a
    deferred basis and there were 20 minor injuries. A firefighter
    suffered a shoulder injury during the rescue and was hospitalized.
    Two women, ages 65 and 48, were listed in critical condition and
    a 35-year-old woman was in serious condition, said Tiffany De Vall,
    a spokeswoman for Providence Holy Cross Medical Center in Mission
    The eldest woman had back and chest pain and the 48-year-old had
    a lack of sensation in her legs, De Vall said.
    The youngest woman complained of back and arm pain.
    The engineer and three passengers were treated at a Glendale
    hospital and released, authorities said.
    The accident occurred 10 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles
    on tracks that parallel busy San Fernando Boulevard.
    Ryan Schatz, 26, of Valencia was seated on right side of the
    second Metrolink car when it rolled over.
    "I couldn't see what we hit ... I saw the fire go by and that
    was it," he said.
    Some people were in shock, others screamed and yelled, and
    others remained calm, Schatz said, adding, "there were quite a few
    people able to walk out."
    The train had four passenger cars and an engine at the rear. The
    passenger cars all derailed, with one wedged up above the track.
    Another jackknifed at an angle and upended while a third tore
    completely loose and came to rest on its side between the track and
    a nearby freeway.
    Passersby used a metal girder to smash the window of a door on
    one upended passenger car and help people out.
    Off-duty Los Angeles city paramedic Stan Horst and his wife were
    driving to the Burbank Airport when they saw a cloud of black dust.
    "We came around the block and saw what was left ... a jigsaw
    puzzle of cars," he said.
    Horst helped pull people from the cars and treated several. One
    had a broken arm, another complained of back pain and the third had
    shortness of breath.
    The crash was being investigated by Burbank police. Gavin said
    witnesses said the crossing warning systems were working before the
    truck went onto the track.
    A witness, Greg Peale, gave that account to KABC-TV.
    "The guy was in the left turn lane ... he turned left slowly.
    The signals were already down and flashing and he just kept going
    right in front of the train," Peale said.
    The number of people aboard the train appeared unusually light.
    Train No. 210 carried more than 90 passengers a day during
    It appeared to be the worst Metrolink accident since a commuter
    train was struck by a freight train April 23 in Placentia, killing
    two people and injuring more than 200.
    Investigators believe that crash was caused when the crew of a
    Burlington Northern-Santa Fe freight train ran two warning signals
    before plowing into the double-decker Metrolink passenger train.
    The freight engineer told police he was blinded by the sun and
    missed a crucial signal light.
    Metrolink is a heavy rail commuter service that serves Los
    Angeles and surrounding counties.

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