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Thread: Knee Injury

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    Default Knee Injury

    I just suffered a knee injury in the line of duty with possible ligament damage. Surgery may have to done to repair the damage. Is this type of injury, knee re-construction career ending?

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    I know quite a few guys in the job who have had reconstructive knee surgury. I guess only a doctor would be able to tell you for sure in your particular case.

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    We have a guy comming back to work later this year after NECK reconstruction surgery. It is all relative to you and your injury. Get the physical therapy you need and don't try to come back too soon and re-injure your self.

    Good luck.
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    I don't think it should be career ending. I tore my ACL 2 years ago and had reconstructive surgery. The physical therapy was hell, but I was walking fine within 12 weeks and was back at my day job. Went back in service with the FD not long after that. The knee was at fully 100% within a year. Good luck.
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    Five years ago I injured my knee in such a way as to damage all the tissue surrounding cartlige. To make this short, I ended up with 9 arthriscopes to clean out floaters. It got to the point that fours ago I had a total knee replacement. After 3 months of hard therapy I was able to resume normal activity which consisted of 6-12 hour days a week in my meat market. I was on my feet 10+ hours each day as well as resuming duties as a Vol FF/EMT. Two years ago we sold our business and I went to work for a private ambulance service. I've had no problems whatsoever with my knee since.
    Just make sure you follow your Dr's orders and work hard in therapy. Because your damage is to the ligaments, you may have to wear a brace.
    Good luck!
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    30+ years ago my father suffered a knee injury playing high school football. The doctors at the time removed the cartlidge and messed with the ACL & MCL. 16 years ago he had some surgery done and they grafted some tendons into his knee, but still walked with no cartlidge. He hobbled, limped and couldn't run or play basketball or anything rigorus. A year ago November he underwent a total knee replacement. He was up and walking the day of the replacement and was hitting the PT hard. He was walking with a small limp by January. Last January came an dumped a huge amount of snow in one night. He fell down, broke the femur 3" above the new knee. A major surgery and 4 months of physical therapy and he is better. He will never be the 100% he was before his high school injury but he can now perform his job like never before. He is a Combat Fire Chief...


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    In 1997 I had a off duty sports related injury and completely tore my ACL in my right knee. My injury occured in May, I knew I had a bad injury but did not want to believe it and just blew it off as a bad sprain. In a few days the swelling went down but I had some minor pain to the knee. This injury occured during my vacation so I had a few days to let it rest before went back to work. I was actually feeling OK with it untill I went to a fire and stepped off a ladder and my knee buckled in this weird way, right then I knew for sure it was not good. The next few days I went to an Ortho surgeon for an evaluation, one quick flex test he knew my ACL was completely torn. I was really depressed not knowing what to expect knowing a ACL was a bad knee injury that required surgery to repair. He gave me few options on what to do, one was to leave it and go through life with no ACL, but obviously he said that would not be a good idea due to my line of work and that I still wanted to be active in sports. We decided on surgery, however he gave me the option to wait to have surgery in the fall so I did not waist my whole summer being layed up and in rehab. He said if I wore a knee brace I could return to full duties as a firefighter. So I was fitted with this expensive high tech knee brace a CTI2, thank god we have good insurance and they paid 80% of the cost of the brace. Anyway...I went the whole summer with the torn ACL and worked my full duties 100% on a very busy ladder Co. It sucked having to wear that brace in the hot summer and sleeping with it on while on duty 24 hr. shifts. At the end of September I had the re-construction surgery, it went well, but the rehab was very tough and the worst thing I ever had to go through. My right leg shrunk down to nothing and I had to rebuild my leg streanth through hard work and rehab. I worked my *** off to get back in shape and back to work. It took me 4 months but I finally got back to work. So no...re-construction is not a career ending injury, with some hard work you'll get back 100%.
    Thank god my department has light duty positions for situations like this, I helped teach a recruit class during my rehab and did not have to use any personal sick time. Today my knee feels 100% and feel as if I never had such a bad knee injury.

    Good luck....you'll get back with some hard work

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