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    I know this has come up in the past, but I just recently got a Palm Pilot, and I am wondering about good programs to load onto it. I know of Epocrates, but it seems as though that is mostly for the Paramedic, is there others out there geared towards the EMT, or the Firefighter that would be useful....(and hopefully free!!) What do ya'll think?

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    I had a Palm (now have IPaq) that I had downloaded a trial version of the EMS Field Guide (the little pocket notebook size reference manual). I don't remember exactly where I got it but I'm sure if you searched for it you could find it pretty easily. The trial version let you use the whole guide but for a limited time. If I remember correctly, the registered version was around $29.95.

    Check the technology threads on here also. There may be some good ideas there.

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