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    Default Integrated harness in bunker pants

    Our department is looking to purchase bunker pants with integrated Class 2 harnesses, mainly for RIT purposes. I am looking for info on a couple different aspects. First can anyone provide me with a list of all the manufacturers who produce the integrated harnesses. Also in talking to one of the large gear manufacturers they stopped integrating harnesses 6 months ago claiming the rubbing of the harness between the outer shell and moisture barrier destroys the moisture barrier within 6 months. Another major manufacturer who uses the same setup claims to have no problems. If anyone has heard of this or has problems please let me know. Also those of you who already have these pants please let me know which ones you have and how you like them, fit, comfort, durability, etc.

    Brian Harting

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    Brian, Another option to consider if you don't end up going with a manufacturer that combines the harness into the pant shell, is one of the many harnesses available that are donned seperately from the pants. Using one of these makes more sense as you don't have it on all the time producing the friction you speak of in your post. I know on a car or dumpster fire, it is not practical to be in a class II harness. Most firefighters are familiar with the harness that FDNY wears on their turnouts. I believe that one is made by a company named "Gemtor". They are available from numerous fire dept suppliers and retail for around $130. There are more designs out there so take a look & good luck.

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    The Gemtor harness that Medic162 is refering to is Model #541.

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    My current set of bunker pants has the intergrated harness. The gear is Morning Pride and I've had it for about six or seven months now. I can't say I've noticed any diffrence as far as comfort or fit, to me they fit like other bunker pants I've worn. As far as durability I can't comment on that. I have used the harness in RIT and survival training and have found it to be very useful. My department is working to outfit all the RIT team members with either an intergrated harness or an external harness, we are also looking into adding the intergrated or an external harness to the gear spec for all interior firefighters.

    Hope this helps.

    Stay safe.

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    Default Harness Applications

    Dear Member:

    MMM! Interesting! I have noticed many different solutions regarding your inquiry, but what intriged me the most was your comment regarding the effect it may have on the moisture barrier of the liner system itself. The fact that a class II harness integrated between the outer shell and the liner may lend to damage. There are alternative solutions out there that differ from the above, such as.

    1) Integration on the outside using belt loops with your choice of harness.

    2) Integration of a harness inside the gear, but in close contact to the firefighter, but between the firefighters anatomy and the liner itself. This would potentially eliminate the abrasion problem. This application I have personally seen at a department in Grand Blanc Michigan. It's quite unique and may merit your investigation. You still get what your looking for at potentially less risk!

    The Doctor

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    I've used the MP integrated harness for around 2+ years now. I had MP add a few extra 'keeper' loops inside of the shell, they keep the harness from moving around and wearing out the liners. I love them, the large ladder belt size caribiner that we keep attached takes some getting used to, but the harness itself is great. We use them for RIT, rescue and as a ladder belt.
    My department also purchased the rope pocket option for the 'tails' of the MP coat. I keep 50' of rope, a descender and a biner all hooked up and ready to go. The combo of rescue coat and pants is a great piece of FF safety equipment.
    Email me at scott.henry@ketteringoh.org if you'd like anymore info or a pic of the system.


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