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    Default Can't wait to get started

    I have spent a good deal of time today checking out this web site and I have to say there is alot of great information here.

    I was just hired as a POC FF here in Minnesota and I will be starting my FFI Traning this Monday. I'm not sure what to expect, other then I'm sure there is alot to learn.

    I'm glad that I have found this site, after looking around I know that this is a place that a pearson can come to get information.

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    Default Good Luck


    I just wanted to say good luck on your up and coming training and for the rest of your firefighting career. As I am a junior i am yet to experiece what you are about to get into but I can say that this site does provide a dipperent and more interesting perspective to what is learned here in Australia.

    Good luck


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    Default Welcome!

    And...GOOD LUCK!

    If you have questions....someone here oughta have answers, so DON"T be afraid to ask.
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    Default Welcome to the Brotherhood!

    Welcome to your NEW family! We are all brothers in the emergency services. Obviously Airborne you know about brotherhood or you would not have pride in those jump wings you have as your symbol and the ones that I have tatooed on the side of my arm. So, I say to you brother, welcome to your NEW family and when you graduate from rookie school maybe they will give you "blood badge". Hoorah!! Its a thought!
    Good luck and if you need any assistance do not hesitate to ask.
    FTM-PTB, EGH, KTF, RFB, DTRT and never forget the 4-Ups!

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    Congrates airbourne...just remember, keep your nozzles cracked open and keep a dry pair of socks by your gear...and if the temp hits anywhere below -15 degrees yer gonna have a structure fire(its that murphys law thing)

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