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    Default Pumper Intake Valve

    We are purchasing a new intake relief valve for our pumper. We would like to know what you think works best. We are looking at a black max piston intake relief valve. Thanks

    Colby Rigg
    Safety Ofc

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    As I see it:

    You have 4 excellent units to choose from: (In alphabetic order)

    Akron Black Max
    Elkhart 9686/9687
    Harrington 500 series
    TFT-AB Series

    The TFT unit is unique, using a ball valve. I will be trying one of these soon.

    Make the decision early whether or not to use all brass valve housings. Secondly, if you use aluminum housings, make sure to inspect/service the units internally monthly to keep corrosion at a minimum. As these units are 'suction inlet' valves, I made an assumption that they can be used for drafting evolutions without loss of vacuum. While this is true, you must specify that the units will be used for both pressure and suction supply evolutions. Some require the installation of special Storz seals to be able to use them at draft.

    I hope this helps.

    Respectfully submitted,

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    We have put two TFT's on our last truck which is about 4months in service these so far our the best I have ever used. We are planning on retroing two more trucks in the near future with them

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