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    Question Need a radio call sign.

    I need some suggestions for a radio call sign for our Captain's vehicle. Currently its call sign is "Command 1". This has cause some confusion on larger incidents when Mutual Aid arrives and/or the Fire Chief or Assistant Chiefs have assumed command and use the call signs of "Command" or "Incident Command". We run two engines and a ladder company out of three stations with 14 personnel assigned to each shift. The Captain is in charge of the whole shift with a lieutenant on each company.

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    Why not Captain 1?
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    Default my suggestion

    Why not continue to use Command 1 & when a higher ranking officer arrives & assumes command, revert back to the vehicle or Captain id... just a thought.

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    How about "Squad 1"?
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    How about Unit 1 or Unit 100, something along those lines.

    My department still uses our old County ID system, First digit is for the department, second for the station number and third for the type of rig. Our command unit is "728." 7 is our department, 2 because we used to be the second station of our department (station 1 closed at least 20 years ago but we never changed our IDs), 8 is for a "utility vehicle."

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    Default Call Sign

    Well does everyone have a badge number or unit number.

    Our officers go by O-71 - 76. because we have 6 officers under the rank of chief or ***. Chief or Batt. Chief. Our Chief is C71 then on down the line. You could also use Car, Battalion,


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    If it is just the vehicle you are referring to... why not just "Car 1?" If it is the rank you are referring to, don't reinvent the wheel, "Captain 1" works fine. For most ICS, the term "Command" should be fluid enough to flow from one person to another.. especially during a long running call where "Command" can changed frequently.
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