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    Hey just wondering what all your tips and tricks are. I was just wondering to maybe get some ideas
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    As a newbie:
    Be the first to help in doing something, and the last to leave.
    Be the first to volunteer to participate in drills.
    Ask all questions you have and learn, learn, learn.
    Every time you go into the station, pick a truck, or a side of a truck, etc. Then go through the compartments of the truck. Say to yourself what equipment is in the compartment, open it up and check.
    Know what every piece of your gear does, where it is on your gear, how to work it, and practice how to work it/get it on.
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    if you have any certian duties on the fireground then make sure you know what equipment you need and were it is, also if they send you to fetch somthing and you dont know were it is,say you dont know, its better to have them go for it then to be off for a long time looking for it.
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    Get leather boots, they keep your feet from freezing when you're doing exterior ops in the winter. They are also much more comfortable than rubber.
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    Treat your gear like you spent your own money on it, and i'd sugest getting a pair of extrication gloves. there about $35 - $40, but the are alot easier to work with then those normal big bulky gloves, especially for juniors, who have to change air packs and connect hoses, ect, here is was the gloves look like-

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