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    Default Wildland Pants & Shirts

    Who knows of a good source for the wildland pants & shirts? We were told that we good order direct from GSA. Found out that wasn't true.
    We are needing the green pull over pants and yellow shirts to match what the state of KY gave us last year.

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    Can you order through State Foresrty? We get ours that way. We pay the state and they order for us.

    Cascade Fire Equipment is another source.

    Good Luck

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    Post Lots of sources!

    Lets see, you have been referred to GSA... but I would avoid them for the pants... their pants come in a few sizes to fit many... i.e. - 30X32X34.

    I prefer the pants (item #WES-BP400) that Wildfire-Pacific.

    You can also get them thru National Fire Fighter Corp. (these are nice due to the elastic waistband, Forestry Suppliers and Galls.

    Good luck

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    What Rx said is very good, the company National Fire has the best thing going and they will take care of you. Everytime I order some pants or packs from them they always get me the stuff fast. I have even seen them in fire camps bring stuff out to guys.

    Cascade, is soso, more then a few times they said they would have stuff to the station, and it never came, so we had to do a 21 day run with-out the gear.

    If you call National Ask for Ryan, he is the guy everyone deals with and always gives better deals!

    Stay Safe,

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    Thumbs up Good advice

    National Firefighter will have what you need OR you can try The Supply Cache at this web address;

    The Supply Cache
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    Default Wildland gear

    The GSA Program for kentucky's fire department is being knick around like a bad apple.The Kentucky Fire Commission KCTCS had enter a agreement on the program with the Kentucky Division of Forestry.The Fire Commission now is looking to give the program back the the KDF to manage .The state budget being up in the air, no one wants to take on the program due to manpower issues with it mangement.North Caroline has a GSA program for their structural departments which is ran by the Nort caroline Division of Forestry.The GSA program in some cases allows a department to almost double their order when compared to other venders.I hope to see the GSA program up and running SOON!!!!

    P.S. Keep your fingers crossed!!!!
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