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    Default Skid unit question

    My department is in the process of building a brush truck. I was put in charge of getting information on a skid unit. My question is who sells quality skid units for a good price.

    Any information is greatly appreatiated.

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    You can give Rodney Vest @ Vest Sales & Service a call.

    He makes skid units. Made one for our Dept. and a neighboring dept. and we've been very happy with them.
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    I've been to two demo's of the Snuffer Model 2540 CAFS skid unit. Its a small 90GPM 125 PSI unit, you start it, pull two valves, and walk away. Made terrific foam! They also offer couple of larger units going up to 500gpm, although that it not a skid unit. If you have not yet considered CAFS for your brush truck, you should look into it. No friction loss, no water hammer, so you can literally lay a mile of hose and walk away from the pump. The pump also can deliver unfinished foam (what they call asperated foam, you provide an asperating nozzle) or water. Foam proportioners are mechanical (they are not eductors) and simple so no computers to worry about. We are likely to be getting one this summer.

    Check them out at:

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    Give Bret Fitzgearld at Singer Associates Fire Equipment
    in Gainesville a call. They built us 2 very nice brush
    trucks from the ground up. They use CET skid units. Their
    number is 1-800-442-9700. Rodney Vest does good work also.
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