To all South Carolina Locals-

If you use a Professional Solicitor to call citizens in your area, then you need to be informed about the Do-Not-List that has been proposed by senator Graham in the State House.

From what I understand citizens will have to pay $10 to be put on a list for them to be called by a solicitation company. The citizens will pay another annual fee of $5 to reenroll.

The bill states that it is patterned after the Minnesota Do-Not-List. It excludes non-profit and charities, but the Bill introduced by Sen. Graham as it is written now does not excludes non-profits.

Please contact your local Senator and let them know the signifigance of the Bill and the harm it will have on Firefighters Associaitons and the Police Associations in giving back to the community.

I encourage all Professional firefighters who are not part of the SCPFFA to contact Mike Perotta with Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue and become part of the IAFF. So we can stop this BILL before it becomes law.

If you need any more information email me at

Take care and be safe