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    Question Help me out guys

    Hi im 18 years old and i was a Jr Firefighter before a Sr Firefighter. i was woundering whats the LAW or anything like that about rolling up to a MVA or Sructure Fires or anything like that.

    Cause i have rolled up on MVAs and told the people that was in the MVA that i was a Vol Firefighter and when the Departmant that rolled up said that i wasnt allowed to help out before they got there. However it was about an hour away from my Town that i run with.. But if you can help me out that would be great. Also if your skills can be used outside your State if you roll apon a MVA or Fire???
    Thanks you a lot,
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    Hawley P18.........I'll just bet that varies from location to location more then the weather.

    Here in NYC we have 11 Volly units......as far as I know, Structual Fires to them are a no-no?????????
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    in reference to your question... it involves a lot of "ifs" and depends upon the situation....

    If you come upon a motor vehicle accident.....
    If you have the proper training.....
    If you have a first aid kit, PPE for medicals, etc.

    If you have a cell phone... make sure that the PD, FD and EMS are notified...them identify yourself to the victims and assure them you are there to help. When the emergency response personnel from the jurisdiction arrive, update them as to what they have, then get out of their way and let them do their duty. If they ask you to help, fine, assist them...if not, step aside.

    Sometimes people have the "I'm in charge because I was here first" syndrome or try to tell others what to do because "that's the way we do it in my community"

    In reference to fires.....

    If you happen to come across a structure, vehicle, outside fire, brush fireor any other type of fire....

    First report it to the FD who has jurisdiction...chances are they may already be responding. Get your POV out of the way. Find out if everyone is out of the structure...relay the info to the FD via cell phone. Let the FD do it's job when it arrives. Don't try to play hero...you may end up being another victim!
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