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    I was "volunteered" by my chief to obtain a couple equipment bags to carry truck equipment in. I swear I've seen something like what I'm looking for, but of course, can't find anything now!

    What I'm looking for is some kind of simple velcro bag with carry handle and strap that would open pretty much flat; they would be used to carry a sectional pike pole, TNT tool, halligan, axe, pry bar, etc. (Not all in one bag!) They would have to be at least 48" long to accomodate the sectional pike pole, and very well constructed to handle the weight and tools.

    Anybody know of any such animal?

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    check with your local ambulance/rescue squad amd see if the have any old prosplint/ frac-pac cases laying around. these sound perfect for what you described and if there like our old squad, there's probably half a dozen laying around in there storage room.there bout the size you say and have handles.

    Todd J. Matthews

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    Go find an old golf bag...works very well.

    I was on a department that used this exact setup for the irons, but you could also fit a short rake in there as well. Pockets on the out side for any small tools. Probably could pick one up cheap form a local golf pro shop or something.

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    Thanks for the ideas! Called the ambulance people, and they told me they have three or four of the pro-splint carriers laying around - I'm going over there today to see if what they have will work; didn't even think of the golf bag thing - between those of us who try and golf here, we probably have a bunch of old bags! (The ones to carry clubs in - NOT the wives!)

    Thanks again!

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