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    Question Will this hurt me

    If you have an other than honorable discharge from the military how will it affect the chances of employment as a firefighter?

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    Default What?

    Why was it less than honorable?

    Captain Bob

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    In the past I have found most people have absolutely no idea how read the DD-214 and usually miss the discharge type. They also have no idea as to what the different discharge types are. The exception being a Bad Conduct or Dishonorable discharge because I think those two phrases stand out like a sore thumb on the sheet.

    That being said, I do believe that after 6 minths of being discharged you can appeal to the VA (I think) to have the discharge type upgraded to honorable. You may wish to look into it.
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    If you have a General Discharge, you can, after 6 month's appeal to have it upgraded to an Honorable. During that time though, you need to be free from trouble with the law, including DUI's. Contact your county Verterans Service Officer and they can get the paperwork started. A VFW club or Legion club can help in finding them.
    Discharges kind of relate as such:

    Honorable-hired from the military for a better job, good employee.
    General-Laid off; immaturity, below average work performance record.
    Other than Honorable-fired; misdemeanor offenses, drugs, stupidity.
    Dishonorable-convicted felon.
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