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Wednesday, January 15, 2003

· MERIDEN, CT: Working fire at 216 Hall Street. A building fire. EMS requested for a smoke inhalation victim. *154.130* [TAC9-C09]. 12:17a.m.

· STLFN: (delayed) ST. LOUIS Co., MO: Creve Couer FPD had a working structure fire at 11627 Markaire Drive. They had 2 lines off. [STL819]. 1:51a.m.

· SCITUATE, RI: Working fire in the area of Central Ave. Structure fire. M/A to cover. Request for Providence Canteen. *154.040* [TAC9-C51]. 3:02a.m.

· PRINCE GEORGES Co., MD: Tanker truck fire at Bealle Hill Rd & Berry Rd (Accokeek) Tanker truck & product - well involved. Level III Hazmat. Additional foam resources requested. MSP Helicopter for air reconnaissance. [DC2]. 3:33a.m.

· PRINCE GEORGES Co., MD: Update - Tanker truck fire at Bealle Hill Rd & Berry Rd (Accokeek) 8100 fuel tanker truck overturned & burning. No exposures. Product will be allowed to burn itself out. [DC2] 4:12a.m.

· WASHINGTON, DC: **2nd Alarm on arrival** 1617 21 St. NW. 3-story row with heavy fire showing - *possible people trapped* [DC2]. 5:12a.m.

· WASHINGTON, DC: Update **2nd Alarm** 1617 21 St. NW. 3-story row with heavy fire thru out. All exposures threatened. Going to exterior attack. Initial reports of several trapped & burned. [DC2]. 5:29a.m.

· NEW ORLEANS, LA: *2nd Alarm* 1341 Senate St. 2-story wood vacant dwelling - heavily involved on the 2nd floor. [NOLA]. 7:07a.m.

· JERSEY CITY, NJ: 2nd Alarm on arrival at 147 Fulton Ave. House fire - people trapped. [EAN158/10]. 7:24a.m.

· Update - JERSEY CITY (HUDSON Co.), NJ: **2nd Alarm** 147 Fulton Ave. Fire in a 2.5-story private dwelling. Primary search (-). Co.'s have 3 lines run. 1 Firefighter being transported to JCMC for minor injuries. [EAN800/10/158/503]. 7:33a.m.

· Update - JERSEY CITY (HUDSON Co.), NJ: **2nd Alarm** 147 Fulton Ave. Companies still have fire in cockloft & 2nd floor. 3 Firefighters injured. Co.'s making good progress. EAN10/158/351/800/503. 7:43a.m.

· BEDFORD, NH: MVA at 22 Farmhouse Rd. 3000 gallon Propane tanker rolled over. Driver is uninjured. No product leakage at this time. *33.78/453.875* [TAC9-C31]. 8:47a.m.

· MEDFORD, MA: MVA on Rt.93 NB @ in the area of Exit 31. Reported rollover with entrapment. Request for Jaws and Medflight to the scene. *153.890* C461/C87 [TAC9-C06]. 9:53a.m.

· FITZWILLIAM, NH: Working fire at 462 Rt.119 East. Barn - fully involved. M/A from Rindge, Troy & Meadowood FD's to the fire. *154.430/453.0125* [TAC9-C31]. 10:10a.m.

· NORTH PROVIDENCE, RI: Working fire at 112 Palm St. Fire in an occupied structure. Smoke showing. Fire knocked down & PWH. *154.250* C303 [TAC9-C319]. 10:18a.m.

· PHILADELPHIA, PA: **Multi Alarm Fire/Fatal** at Washington Sq. on the South side. Fire in a 25- story High-rise. 2 or 3 Apartments well involved. 1-10-45 Code 1(DOA). Fire is PWH. [EAN388]. 10:18a.m.

· BRAINTREE, MA: MVA on Union Street at Middle Street. Request for the Jaws, additional Engine & EMS. *483.5125* C06 [TAC9-C461]. 10:35a.m.

· 2nd Alarm – BOLTON, CT: 280 West St. A building fire. M/A requested. CT21/19 [TAC9-C50]. 10:44a.m.

· CAMDEN (CAMDEN Co.), NJ: **2nd Alarm** 7th & Erie Streets. BATT 1 has (2) 2-story dwellings - fully involved. Fire is DWH. [EAN3305]. 11:05a.m.

· CAMDEN (CAMDEN Co.), NJ: Update **2nd Alarm** 7th & Erie. Bulk of fire is knocked down at this time. All searches are (-). Fire is PWH & should be under control soon. [EAN3305]. 11:20a.m.

· LIMERICK, ME: Working fire on Emery Corner Rd. House fire M/A to scene. *460.550* C101 C31 [TAC9-C50]. 12:59p.m.

· LITCHFIELD, NH: Working fire at 8 Cummings Rd. House fire. Request for M/A. *154.19* C31/C520 [TAC9-C158]. 1:55p.m.

· HAMDEN, CT: MVA at Dixwell & Treadwell. Jaws in use. 4 injuries. CT19/9098 [TAC9-C520]. 2:13p.m.

· MARLBOROUGH, MA: MVA on Parmenter St. E3, L1 operating the Jaws. Lifeflight responding to Marlboro Airport L/Z. *858.4625* C520 [TAC9-C158]. 2:56p.m.

· NEW BRITIAN, CT: MVA on Rt.71 at Rt. 9 off ramp. Jaws operating. NFI CT84/CT19 [TAC9-C158]. 3:15p.m.

· GREENBURGH (WESTCHESTER Co.), NY: Fairview Fire Dist. *2nd Alarm* at 135 Edgepark Rd. Fire in a vacant dwelling. M/A from Hartsdale & Greenville. [MNS342 IAP]. 3:30p.m.

· LONDONDERRY, NH: MVA on Interstate 93 in the Median near the Derry Town Line. Person trapped. Jaws operating. OIC requesting a chopper to the scene. *151.175* (C158) [TAC9-C31]. 3:48p.m.

· KANSAS CITY, MO: Working fire @ 42nd Street @ Tracy. Fire showing from the 3rd floor of a large 4-story building. CAR102, P8, P17, R31, T2, T3. [KCFN-02]. 4:49p.m.

· KANSAS CITY, MO: 1st Alarm @ 42nd Street & Tracy. Heavy fire showing from the 3rd floor of a 4-story building. 2 lines off at this time. DC101, CAR106, R9(RIT), T6 filling out the 1st Alarm. [KCFN-02]. 4:54p.m.

· Update – KANSAS CITY, MO: The 1st Alarm @ 42nd Street & Tracy has been Struck Out b/o CAR102. Fire under control & contained to 1 room on the 3rd floor. Companies checking for extension on the 4th floor. [KCFN-02]. 5:02a.m.

· NEW ORLEANS, LA: *Entrapment* 1323 Kentucky Ave. 1 worker killed & 1 injured when they were buried when the 8ft. hole they were working in collapsed & buried them. NOFD dug them out. [NOLA]. 5:19p.m.

· SPRINGFIELD, IL: LODD * Visitation for Capt. Joe Rotherman, 8pm Tuesday, Jan 21st at Bisch & Son Funeral Home, 505 Allen St., Springfield, IL. Uniform walk through @ 7pm. All uniformed Firefighters should be in front of the funeral home by 6:15p.m. (CIFN STAFF). 5:21p.m.

· STLFN: BRECKENRIDGE HILLS (ST.LOUIS Co.), MO: Community FPD *1st Alarm* @ 3678 Elsa x St. Charles Lane. Fire in a rear bedroom. 1 line off. Utilities notified. PWH. [STL899]. 6:29p.m.

· INDEPENDENCE (JACKSON Co.), MO: Working fire @ 600 S. Glenwood x US-24 Hwy. Reported as an Apartment building. Nothing showing on arrival but now Companies report a working fire. P3, P1, P5, Q6, R1, T1, Chief-9. [KCFN-02]. 7:15p.m.

· SULLIVAN (ASHLAND Co.), OH: 2nd Alarm Tanker Box @ 514 Rt. 224 C. House Fire. M/A 2 Counties for Tankers. (FPO/D700). 7:22p.m.

· INDEPENDENCE (JACKSON Co.), MO: *2nd Alarm* b/o Chief 9 @ 600 S. Glenwood x US-24 Hwy. P9, P4, R2, T2, Chief-6 on the 2nd Alarm. [KCFN-02]. 7:34p.m.

· ROCHESTER, NH: MVA at 886 Salmon Falls Rd near Bernard Rd. (2) cars involved. Jaws operating. *154.980/159.030* [TAC9-C31]. 7:49p.m.

· Update – INDEPENDENCE (JACKSON Co.), MO: *2nd Alarm* @ 600 S. Glenwood x US 24 Hwy. 3-story Apartment building with fire on the 2nd floor – knocked down. Still have fire on the 3rd floor. 3 children transported to Hospital – unknown condition at this time. [KCFN-02]. 7:51p.m.

· WAREHAM, MA: 97 Swifts Beach Road. Fully involved barn filled with hay. Request for a Tanker Response. Companies protecting exposures. *460.2375* [TAC9-C15]. 8:11p.m.

· SPRINGFIELD, IL: LODD * Public funeral service* for Capt. Joe Rotherham will be Wednesday, January 22, 2003 @ 11:00a.m. at the Armory on 2nd & Monroe Streets. Rigs only procession to be @ Bisch & Sons Funeral Home at 9:00a.m. Marchers for procession to be at Station 1 on 9th & Capitol at 9:45a.m. [CIFN-3]. 8:22p.m.

· Update – INDEPENDENCE (JACKSON Co.), MO: The 2nd Alarm @ 600 S. Glenwood has been Struck Out b/o Chief-1. All visible fire knocked down. Companies are doing extensive overhaul. Move-Ups were made. [KCFN-02]. 8:14p.m.

· SOUTHINGTON, CT: Working fire on Main Street (Plantsville Section). Building fire. M/A for coverage. CT123 [TAC9-C461]. 8:29p.m.

· GORHAM, ME: Snowmobile accident on a trail by the power lines on Mighty St. Snowmobile rollover with 1 injured. *154.400* [TAC9-C31]. 8:38p.m.

· Update - WAREHAM, MA: Working fire at 97 Swifts Beach Road. Deck Guns in use. Request for 2 additional Tankers to the scene. *460.2375* [TAC9-C15]. 8:44p.m.

· OVERLAND PARK (JOHNSON Co.), KS: Working fire at 6400 block W. 151st Street x Horton. Heavy fire showing rear of a 1-story frame with reported person inside. Leawood Engine Automatic Aid. [KCFN-02]. 8:57p.m.

· TROY, ME: Working fire at 691 Bangor Road. Structure - fully involved. Possible person trapped. M/A en-route. *155.385* C122 [TAC9-C461]. 9:06p.m.


*** FirePage Ohio Report for January 15, 2003 ***

FirePage Ohio® covers all of Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Northern Kentucky. We send all of our incident notifications via E-Mail. So, if you carry an alphanumeric pager, PDA or cell phone, and that device has an E-Mail address, we can get the information to you.

For additional information: E-Mail info@firepageohio.com or visit our web site at http://www.firepageohio.com.

If you'd like to report an incident, please call our hotline number: 1-888-342-0143, and leave a message. Please make sure you include your name and a call back number.

This report is complied by FirePage Ohio® Dispatcher Scott Berringer (703@firepageohio.com)

- 0531
Tri County JFD (Madison): W/F 12181 Ballah Rd. Cos: Eng 492, 493, 401, 231, Tank 491, 232, Med 373, Chief 491, 412. FPO/D223 ©

- 0927
Fort Morrow Consolidated FD (Marion): W/F Next to 6720 Gillette Rd. Barn fire. Sta 600 enroute. M/A Sta 200, 430, 400 for Engines & Tankers. BN 201 has command. FPO/D240 ©

- 1219
Mercer County, PA: W/F 109 Hollock Rd. Fire in unknown type structure. Sta 97, 81, 76, 87 enroute. TC911/FPO/D256 ©

- 1529
Youngstown FD: W/F 168 Hilton. Eng 2 reports F/I 2 sty house. Cos: Eng 2, 9, 15, Lad 24, Squad 33, BN 1, 2. FPO/D256 ©

- 1601
Youngstown FD: W/F 168 Hilton. BN 2 (Martin) reports fire K/D. Holding all companies. FPO/256/D323 ©

- 1842
Cleveland FD: W/F 12014 Browning. BN 5 reports a 2.5 sty house well involved. Cos: Eng 36, 41, Lad 36, Squad 1, & BN 5. Tactical Res5cuE - Worker. Lad 10 - RIT. FPO/D700 ©

- 1844
Cleveland FD: W/F 12014 Browning. Per BN 5, 1 Engine Company S/C'd. FPO/D700 ©

- 1911
Kuhl Hose, PA (Erie): (Delayed from 1700) Apparatus MVA/PIN 10320 Wattsburg Rd. Millcreek Paramedic Service Ambulance 35 vs garbage truck with heavy damage. 1 pinned in AMbulance. Cos: Eng 682, MP 689, Squad 687, 697, Res38cuE, Med ??, S 20, MPS 1, 2. 30 minute extrication. FPO/D800 ©

- 1932
Kent FD (Portage): W/F 146 South Water St. Fire in basement. M/A Brady Lake FD, Rootstown FD, and others. FPO/D256 ©

- 2017
Sullivan Vol Fire & EMS (Ashland): 2nd Alarm Tanker Box at 514 US 224. House fire. Tankers from 2 counties. FPO/D700 ©

- 2022
Whitehall Division of Fire (Franklin): W/F 1021 Country Club Dr. Cos: Eng 151, 161, 23, Lad 154, 131, Res133enG, Med 161, BN 151, 131, 6. FPO/260/D221 ©

- 2027
Whitehall Division of Fire (Franklin): W/F 1021 Country Club Dr. BN 151 reports fire K/D. Holding Sta 150, Eng 23, Lad 131. FPO/260/D221 ©

- 2139
Fairfield, PA FD (Erie): W/F 4463 Leary Rd. Chief 270 reports heavy smoke form a 2 sty house. Cos: Eng 263, 262, 284, 302, Tank 265, Squad 267 (Squad 267 had mechanical failures enroute), 307, Med 91, Chief 270. FPO/801/D260 ©

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RFS crews sent to assist with A.C.T. fires

Volunteer firefighters from the NSW Rural Fire Service will be sent to Australian Capital Territory to assist in the ongoing battle against several major bushfires. Two hundred firefighters from the Hunter, Great Lakes, Coffs Harbour and Lismore area will travel to Canberra today with the expectation to commence work at 6pm on the firegrounds to the west and south-west of Canberra.

Several bushfires burning in the Namadgi National Park south west of the Capital were originally burning within the ACT and moved into NSW under south-easterly winds. The current forecast is for wind to shift to the north-west and begin to pickup coming into the weekend. This is likely to blow these fires and a third, currently burning in NSW in the Brindabella National Park/Goodradigbee River area, back towards the city.

NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner, Phil Koperberg said, "The ACT Emergency Services Bureau has requested our assistance in the form of additional tankers and firefighters. Our volunteer firefighters are eager to help, just as the ACT firefighters were quick to lend us assistance when we were in need during the Christmas 2001 and other recent fires."

"The current weather forecast, and the fact that vegetation in the southern part of NSW and the ACT is extremely dry, means the potential for fire to impact on increasingly more populated areas is very high."

Already RFS crews from the north and west of the State have been deployed to assist southern NSW crews from RFS, State Forests and the National Parks and Wildlife Service. A large number of blazes stretch between Canberra and the Victorian border. There are concerns that a number of fires in the Kozciusko National Park and the Snowy Mountains areas may flare up, potentially threatening property, when the wind direction changes.

For more information or interviews: Duty Media Officer 02 9898 1855

NSW Rural Fire Service


London Fire Brigade Daily Report

15 Jan 03

2032 G26 Action 3 pump fire, cylinders reported at 158 Dukes Rd, 1-sty factory block 30m x 100m, roof fire using 2 hosereels, cylinders not involved.

Runs for the day: 545
Runs for the year: 9673



Brooklyn, N.Y. 01/15/03

All - Hands #1 @ 02:45 hrs.
Park Slope Section

Box 1349
address: #11 2nd. Street
between: Smith St. & Hoyt St.

1349 @ 02:39
Engs. 204, 279, 202
Lads. 131, 101
Batt. 32

10 - 75 - 1349 @ 02:44
Ladder 122 is designated as the "FAST" Truck
Eng. 224
Rescue Co. #2
Squad Co. #1
Batt. 31 Division 11

Fire Building:
4 Story Brick Brownstone 20 x 60
Surrounding Properties:
Exp. #1: Is a Street
Exp. #2: Is a Similar Type attach
Exp. #3: Is a Rear Yard
Exp. #4: Is a 2 Story Dwelling

All - Hands:
7 - 5 - 1349 @ 02:46
Batt. 32 reports, Fire in the basement of a 4 story Brownstone. 1 - line stretched & in operation. Truck's are "Opening Up" Fire's Doubtful.

@ 02:47 Special Call an additional Engine & Truck. Eng. 239 & Lad. 118 s/c

@ 02:55 Division 11:
Fire in the cellar. 2 - lines stretched & in operation. Primary search still in progress. Fire is Still Doubtful.

@ 03:02 Division 11:
All visible fire has been knocked down. Primary searches thru out is negative. Secondary's are underway. Fire remains Doubtful.

@ 03:07 Division 11:
Probably Will Hold. Secondary searches delayed in the basement due to a Collier's Mansion condition "K"

@ 03:11 Division 11:
Secondary search of the 1st. thru 4th. floors complete & negative. Secondary search of the cellar still in progress.
Fire's UnderControl.

@ 03:25 Division 11:
Secondary search of the cellar is negative.


All - Hands #2 @ 15:30 hrs.
Adelphi Section

Box 3944
address: 130 Lefferts Place
between: Grand Ave. & Classon Ave.

3944 @ 15:30
Engs. 235, 280, 219
Lads. 132, 105
Batt. 57

10 - 75 - 3944 @ 15:35
TowerLadder 111 is designated as the "FAST" Truck
Eng. 214
Rescue Co. #2
Squad Co. #1
Batt. 31 Division 15

Fire Building:
6 Story Brick 100 x 75

All - Hands:
7 - 5 - 3944 @ 15:39
Batt. 57 reports, Using All - Hands. Fire on the 1st. floor of a 6 story occupied multiple dwelling. 1 - line stretched & in operation. Searches are underway. Doubtful.

@ 15:44 Batt. 57:
Fire was in Apt. 1 "Charlie" Primary search is negative.
Secondary searches in progress.

@ 15:45 Division 15: Fire is Probably Will Hold.

@ 15:57 Division 15:
Secondary searches are all negative. Fire UnderControl.


All - Hands #3 @ 16:00 hrs.
Williamsburg Section

Box 136
address: 631 Lorimer St.
between: Jackson St. & Skillman St.

136 @ 15:58
Engs. 229, 212, 216
Lads. 146, 108
Batt. 35

10 - 75 - 136 @ 16:01
Ladder 106 is designated as the "FAST" Truck
Eng. 238
Rescue Co. #2
Squad Co. #252
Batt. 45 Division 11

Fire Building:
3 Story Frame 20 x 40
Surrounding Properties:
Exp. #1: Is a Street
Exp. #2: Is a Similar Type attach
Exp. #3: Is a Rear Yard
Exp. #4: Is a Similar Type attach

All - Hands:
7 - 5 - 136 @ 16:06
Batt. 35 reports, Box 136, were using All - Hands for a fire on the top floor of a 3 story frame dwelling. It's a frame bldg. in the middle of 6 or 7 frames. 1 - line being stretched & going into operation. 2nd. line is being stretched. Fire's Doubtful.

@ 16:09 Division 11:
Main body of fire has been knocked down. Primary search of the fire apt. is negative. Primary search of the rest of the bldg. still in progress. Fire Still Doubtful.

@ 16:22 Division 11:
Primary & Secondary searches thru out are complete & negative.
Fire is UnderControl.



01-15-03 1053hrs W/F Fire District #2 NE Johnson County, KS 5507 Outlook Dr x 55th St (Mission district), heavy fire in rear of 1-sty private dwelling, U/C @1125hrs.

Engines 21, 22, Truck 21, BC205, Merriam Engine 61, Truck 61 M/A.







What is a FDNY "colliers mansion" type condition"?

The term is derived from a turn of the century mansion owned by the Collier brothers. They were quite eccentric and obsessed with collecting things to the point that the mansion was filled with junk from wall to wall, floor to ceiling. To avoid eviction they booby trapped the place. One of the brothers fell ill. The other brother took to caring for him. While he was returning to the sick room he fell victim to one of his own booby traps and died. The sick brother died of dehydration waiting for him. It took the fire department days to recover the bodies.

The term is used to describe any dwelling that is similarly filled with trash, making operations difficult and extensive.

Frank Raffa
Supv. Dispatcher, FDNY


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