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    Post World Of Fire Report: 01-16-03

    *** America's Fire Paging Notification Network ***
    Local & National reports from pager notification networks around the U.S.

    (All times are in Central Standard Time unless otherwise indicated)

    Thursday, January 16, 2003

    CINCINNATI, OH: 2nd Alarm Box # 1346 @ 214 E. Clifton. Fire in a 3-story Apartment building. [FPO/605/1002/D703] (c). 12:07a.m.

    STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: STLFD has a working Still Alarm for a fire in a building at 1217 Hodiamont. Pumper 13 reports a small fire on the 1st floor 1 line off. PUMPERS: 13, 30 & BC805 [STL819]. 1:30a.m.

    STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: Update on STLFD's working house fire at 1217 Hodiamont. BC805 has requested a third Pumper and an EMS Unit for a burned civilian. BC805 reports fire is under control. [STL819]. 1:37a.m.

    STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: STLFD *1st Alarm* Fire in a 2-story/4 family flat at 1217 Hodiamont. BC805 has requested the 1st Alarm. The fire has spread to the 2nd floor. PUMPERS: 13, 30, 24, 28, 26, HL15, BC805 & 806, SQUAD 2. Fire is now under control. [STL819]. 1:56a.m.

    STLFN: GRANITE CITY (MADISON Co.), IL: Granite City FD has a working fire @ 2033 Illinois St. First in Company reports heavy fire in 3 houses. Co.'s laying line at this time. [STL899]. 4:40a.m.

    CLEVELAND, OH: House Fire @ 4601 Effie Ave. 1-story frame house. 2 Fatalities. (FPO/D700). 4:45a.m.

    STLFN: GRANITE CITY (MADISON Co.), IL: Update - Granite City FD's working fire @ 2033 Illinois St. 3 houses well involved. Telesquirts & numerous hand lines working. Firefighters in a defensive stand. [STL899]. 5:14a.m.

    STLFN: GRANITE CITY, IL: Update Granite City FDs working fire @ 2033 Illinois St. (3) 1-story frame houses fully involved. Fire originated in a vacant house & spread to occupied exposures on each side. Some extension to a 4th house. All Co.'s working. Off duty Firefighter call back made. [STL899]. 5:36a.m.

    PRINCE GEORGES Co., MD: **2nd Alarm on arrival** 7240 Landover Rd. (Co.33-Kentland). Heavy fire top floor & cockloft of 3-story 300x70 Garden Apartment. [DC2]. 6:33a.m.

    MFN: PRINCE GEORGES Co., MD: *2nd Alarm* Apartment fire. (Box 33-2) at 7240 Landover Rd. Command reports a 300x70 Garden Apartment complex with heavy fire showing. Crews doing an interior attack at this time. [MFN1]. 6:35a.m.

    PRINCE GEORGES Co., MD: Update - 2nd Alarm at 7240 Landover Rd (Co.33-Kentland) still heavy fire top floor & cockloft 50% of 3-story 300x70 vacant Garden Apt. Trenching the roof. Command request that staging remain filled. [DC2]. 6:54a.m.

    GREAT RIVER (SUFFOLK Co.), NY: *2nd Alarm Equiv* "The Fangel Inn" on Great River Rd. Fire in an abandoned commercial building. Multiple FDs operating large caliber hand lines and master streams. All members removed from building. Building is 3-story 75x100, which was built in late 1800's. Fire originated in basement and spread throughout. [MNS 213/LISTAFF*IAP]. 7:08a.m.

    STLFN: ST.LOUIS, MO: STLFD *1st Alarm* @ 134 Branch. Heavy smoke & fire in a 3-story building. Also 1st Alarm building fire @ 4744 Anderson. Report of person trapped on the 1st floor. [STL899@WRK]. 7:56a.m.

    STLFN: ST.LOUIS, MO: STLFD *3rd Alarm* @ Diversified Foam, 134 Branch. Heavy smoke/fire in a 3-story commercial building. All Companies working. DWH. [STL899@WRK]. 7:59a.m.

    STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: Update on STLFD's 3rd Alarm Warehouse fire at 134 Branch. All Companies have been ordered to evacuate the building. [STL819]. 8:15a.m.

    STLFN: ST.LOUIS, MO: (0815hrs) STLFD has struck a 4th Alarm @ 134 Branch. 3-story Warehouse. Firefighters have evacuated the building & in a defensive stand. PUMPERS: 26, 11, 24, HL4 & BC806. [STL819/899@WRK]. 8:27a.m.

    STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: STLFD *5th Alarm* has been struck for the fire at 134 Branch Street. [STLFN]. 8:35a.m.

    NASHVILLE, TN: Overnight (00:00hrs) 2nd Alarm at 322 Stewarts Ferry Pike, Apartment. Several units lost + several damaged. 20 displaced occupants. 4E, 2T, 1R + Box 55 Canteen. // (0300hrs) 33rd & Elkins, Working fire in a house being renovated. Suspicious no power. 3E, 2T, 1R + Box 55 Canteen. Crews still working another house fire from 0500hrs. (RH) [HNAN/BillD]. 8:36a.m.

    ASHLEY (MORROW Co.), OH: Ashley FD has a 2nd Alarm Equiv. at 3751 Sr.229. Fully involved single family dwelling with fire coming thru roof. Water problems due to very cold temps. [FPO/240/D284]. 8:54a.m.

    STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: Update STLFDs 5th Alarm fire at 134 Branch: 3-story brick Warehouse at least 1/2 block square is fully involved. Black column of smoke visible for quite a distance. There is at least 1 exposure problem. [STL810/819]. 8:59a.m.

    STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: Update STLFDs *5th Alarm fire at 134 Branch: 3-story brick Warehouse at least 1/2 block square is fully involved. Partial collapse of the building has just occurred. They have exposure problems. Firefighters in a defensive mode. [STL810]. 9:06a.m.

    STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: Update on STLFD's 5th Alarm at 134 Branch Street. By orders of CFD the fire is under control. [STLFN]. 9:33a.m.

    MANCHESTER, NH: MVA at Kelly & Kimball St. Rescue 1 operating the Jaws of Life. [TAC9-C31]. 10:07a.m.

    MFN: BALTIMORE, MD: *2nd & 3rd Alarms* Apartment Fire, 727 Druid Park Lake Dr. Command reported heavy fire showing. *Several* burned civilians being treated by Medics. Crews on the interior at this time. [MFN1]. 10:54a.m.

    BALTIMORE, MD (13-11): **3rd Alarm + (4) additional Trucks b/o BC-3 (Buckholtz)** Apartment building at 717 Druid Park Lake Dr - Reservoir Hill (NW of Downtown). Have an Apartment building with heavy smoke 3rd floor & people trapped. [DC/BMD/E*23]. 10:54a.m.

    RAYMOND, ME: Working fire at 55 Jordon Bay Place. A structure fire. M/A for coverage. *154.445* C461 [TAC9-C101]. 11:00a.m.

    SWANZEY, NH: Working fire on California Street. A garage fully involved. M/A requested. *154.430/33.78* [TAC9-C101]. 11:03a.m.

    MFN-Update: BALTIMORE, MD: *3rd Alarm Senior Citizens Hi-Rise Fire* 717 Druid Park Lake Dr. Command reports heavy fire on the 3rd, 6th and possibly 7th Floor. Several occupants are still trapped. [MFN1]. 11:08a.m.

    Update - BALTIMORE, MD (13-11): 3rd Alarm++++ Hi-rise Apartments for the elderly at 717 Druid Park Lake Dr. at the "Lakeview Apartments". Have a Hi-rise Apartment building with fire on possibly the top floor. Have several civilians with smoke & burns. (DC15) [DC/BMD/E*23]. 11:08a.m.

    LANESBORO (BERKSHIRE Co.), MA: Working fire on Balance Rock Rd. An occupied house. Fire showing from the rear on arrival. M/A Tanker from Cheshire. *154.310* [TAC9-C09]. 11:09a.m.

    STLFN: FRANKLIN Co., MO: St. Clair FPD is working a trailer fire with person trapped at 1355 Orchard Dr. Companies: 8310, 8311, 8313, 8325, 8316, 8335 & 8302. 8302 on scene with heavy fire. [STL818]. 11:11a.m.

    MFN: BALTIMORE, MD: *4th Alarm sounded* at 717 Druid Park Lake Dr. Senior Citizens Hi-rise. Fire appears contained to the 6th and 7th floors. *Multiple patients being rescued, one under CPR at this time. [MFN1]. 11:14a.m.

    Update - BALTIMORE, MD (13-11): 4th Alarm++++ Hi-rise for the elderly at 717 Druid Park Lake Dr. in the "Lakeview Apartments". 4th Alarm to stage. Fire in 3rd floor Apt with heavy smoke upper floors. Several critical injured civilians with entrapment. [DC/BMD/E*23]. 11:17a.m.

    Update - SWANZEY, NH: Working fire on California Street. OIC reports a garage fully involved. Tanker Shuttle is being set up. Fire is still DWH. *154.430/33.780* C461 [TAC9-C101]. 11:18a.m.

    NEPTUNE TWP. (MONMOUTH Co.), NJ: 3rd Alarm+ at 1411 Monroe Ave. Heavy fire in basement has extended into 1st & 2nd floors of a 2.5-story frame dwelling. All Twp. Co.'s & M/A from Asbury Park working. Wall Twp. Dist-2 on scene as FAST Team. DWH. [NJ271 O/S EAN STAFF/EAN100]. 11:19a.m.

    STLFN: FRANKLIN Co., MO: Update - St Clair FPDs working trailer fire with person trapped at 1355 Orchard Dr. Alarm is under control. Move-ups made. Person accounted for away from the scene. Units on scene for some time. **FINAL** [STL818]. 11:20a.m.

    MFN-Update: BALTIMORE, MD: *4th Alarm building fire* 717 Druid Park Lake Dr. Command reports the bulk of the fire is knocked down. Still searching for possible trapped victims. Several victims transported including 1 under CPR. [MFN1]. 11:41a.m.

    Update - BALTIMORE, MD (13-11): 4th Alarm++++ Hi-rise for the elderly at 717 Druid Park Lake Dr. "Lakeview Sr. Center" Command reports bulk of fire knocked down. MTA Bus for evacuees. Others remain "shelter in place". No further word on injured civilians. [DC/BMD/E*23]. 11:45a.m.

    WINCHESTER, NH: Working fire on Rabbitt Hollow Road. A mobile home fire. M/A to work & cover. *154.430/453.0125* C520 [TAC9-C101]. 11:47a.m.

    JOHSTON, RI: Working fire in the 2500 block of Plainfield Pike near Shun Pike. Fire in the attic of a commercial building. S/C for an additional Ladder. *154.175* C319. [TAC9-C51]. 12:31p.m.

    STLFN: (0930hrs) EAST ST. LOUIS (ST. CLAIR Co.), IL: ESTLFD FD had a house fire at 3901 Forest Ave. E422, E426 & E424 Aerial responding. Smoke & fire in a 1-story frame. Fire under control in 30 minutes. [STL997]. 12:50p.m.

    WEST PARIS, ME: Working fire at 25 Main Street. House fire. M/A from Paris FD to the scene. *154.070* [TAC9-C31]. 1:03p.m.

    HALIFAX MA: ATV Accident on Fuller St. and Rt.106, reported child 10-45C2 extricated from the woods. Request for Boston Medflight. L/Z is on Wood St. *453.1875* C519/C15/C714/C231 [TAC9-C06]. 1:34p.m.

    STLFN: LEBANON (ST.CLAIR Co.), IL: Lebanon FD is on scene of an Apartment fire @ 600 S. Horener St. Eng.3211 reports smoke showing. (STL 835). 1:34p.m.

    Update - HALIFAX MA: ATV Accident on Fuller St @ Rt.106: OIC reports a 59 year-old male patient with internal and crushing injuries. Medflight now 4 minutes out. L/Z is on Wood St. *453.1875* C714/C15 [TAC9-C06]. 1:43p.m.

    STLFN: LEBANON (ST.CLAIR Co.), IL: Update on Lebanon FDs Apartment fire @ 600 S. Horener St. Fire is under control. Co.'s returning to quarters. *FINAL* (STL 835). 1:57p.m.

    Update - BALTIMORE, MD (13-11): *Fatal* 4th Alarm++++ Hi-rise for the elderly at 717 Druid Park Lake Dr. "Lakeview Sr. Center" Have *(1) Pri-4 female (DOA) patient that was taken to MD General Hospital* Mutual Aid transfers. (DC15 O/S) [DC/BMD/E*23-2-10]. 2:06p.m.

    LARCHMONT (WESTCHESTER Co.), NY: **Second Alarm Equiv** Larchmont St. @ Edison Rd. Fire in a large 2.5-story frame/stucco dwelling. M/A from Mamaroneck Town & Village FD's & New Rochelle. [#MNS750#]. 2:11p.m.

    BRIDGEWATER, MA: MVA on Main St and Center St. Request for Medflight. L/Z is St. Thomas Church on Center St. *460.525* C231/C714 [TAC9-C06]. 2:39p.m.

    QUEENS NY: **2nd Alarm** Box-5313 195th St and 104th Ave. Heavy fire on the 3rd floor extending to the 4th floor of an unknown type building. Particulars to follow. DWH. EAN301. 2:50p.m.

    QUEENS, NY: 22-5313 *2nd Alarm* 104-25 195 St x Hollis Ave. Fire on 5-6 floors of a 6-story brick occupied multiple dwelling 200x75. B54 reports 2 lines stretched operating. L162 FAST/B53 SAFETY/B51 COMM CORD. [MNS342 IAP]. 2:50p.m.

    QUEENS, NY: 99-22-5313 @ 104-25 195 Street near 104 Ave. BC54 reports fire on 5th and 6th floors of a 6-story brick 200x75 occupied multiple dwelling. Extra Engine & Ladder before the 2-2 Alarm. 162 FAST, BC54 IC, BC53 COMCORD, BC51SAFETY, extra BC(52) S/C. DWH. [MNS142]. 2:51p.m.

    QUEENS, NY: **3rd Alarm** 99-33-5313 @ 104-25 195 Street near Hollis Ave. Fire on the 5th and 6th floors of a 6-story brick 200x75 occupied multiple dwelling b/o DIV 13. BC46 S/C for staging area. Fire DWH. [MNS142/342]. 3:03p.m.

    MFN: CHARLES Co, MD: *2nd Alarm House Fire* 4501 Ruxton Place. Command reporting heavy fire showing. Mutual Aid from PG Co. [MFN1]. 3:14p.m.

    Update QUEENS, NY: ***3rd Alarm*** Box-5313 at 195th St. and 104th Ave. Fire on the 5th and 6th floors of a 6-story 200x75 occupied multiple dwelling. Main body of fire knocked down. Searches negative. Fire now PWH. [EAN301]. 3:23p.m.

    Update - QUEENS, NY: 3rd Alarm 99-33-5313 @ 104-25 195 St near Hollis Ave. CAR 9 reports 5 lines working. 1 Tower Ladder. Fire knocked down. Trucks opening up. Primary searches on floors 5 and 6 negative. Fire PWH. [MNS142/342/085]. 3:24p.m.

    Update - QUEENS, NY: 3rd Alarm Box 5313 @ 104-25 195 St. near Hollis Ave. CAR 9 reports secondary searches negative. Fire under control. 1 Ladder for relief (125). [MNS142/342/085]. 3:43p.m.

    WORCESTER, MA: Working fire at 127 Austin Street. Heavy fire in a 2.5-story wood frame dwelling. *800* [TAC9-C461]. 5:45p.m.

    2nd Alarm - WORCESTER, MA: 127 Austin Street. Heavy fire in a 2.5-story wood frame dwelling. Request for EMS to scene. *800* C612 [TAC9-C461]. 5:50p.m.

    WESTMINSTER, VT: 2nd Alarm on arrival on Route-121. Reported occupied structure well involved. M/A requested. C101/C158 [TAC9-C20]. 6:16p.m.

    NEW FAIRFIELD, CT: Water Incident on Squantz Pond. State Park reported snow mobile thru the ice. Reported multiple people in the water. ALS en-route. CT151 [TAC9-C20]. 6:37p.m.

    ORRINGTON, ME: Working fire at the Perc Plant, 29 Industrial Rd. Structure fire. M/A in from the Brewer FD to scene. *154.415* C-31 [TAC9-C20]. 6:58p.m.

    Update WEATMINSTER, VT: 2nd Alarm on arrival at 328 Route-121. Reported heavy fire on the 2nd floor of a 2.5-story dwelling. All occupants are out of the building. *154.430/453.0125* C101/C158 [TAC9-C20]. 6:28p.m.

    2nd Alarm - WEBSTER, MA: 18 East Ave. Fire through out a 2-story wood frame 25x40 dwelling. Top floor and roof are gone. 4 lines stretched operating. (1) Tower Ladder operating. *153.860* C304 O/S. [TAC9-C51]. 7:57p.m.

    WALES, ME: MVA on Ridge Road with entrapment. Jaws requested ASAP. 2 trapped, possible fatality at scene. *154.235* [TAC9-C101]. 8:19p.m.

    Update - WALES, ME: MVA on Ridge Road at the Monmouth Town Line. Lifeflight helicopter requested. Unknown L/Z. Jaws working. (2) 10-45's trapped. *154.235/453.650* [TAC9-C101]. 8:26p.m.

    Update - WALES, ME: MVA on Ridge Road: OIC reports (1) 10-45 C2 extricated. Jaws are still working for a second 10-45 C2 patient. L/Z for Lifeflight is the Oak Hill High School in Wales. M/A Engine from Monmouth to the scene with manpower. *154.235/453.650* [TAC9-C101]. 8:37p.m.

    MFN: BALTIMORE, MD: *2nd Alarm building fire 4212 Lasalle Ave. Box 54-16: Command reports a working fire with possible collapse. Ops on C5. [MFN1/ MFN-HQ]. 11:36p.m.

    BALTIMORE, MD (54-16): **2nd Alarm b/o BC-4** Occupied dwelling at 4213 Wilshire Ave. Gardenville (NE Baltimore), Have a 3-story occupied wood frame dwelling with heavy fire in the attic. Exterior operations. Setting up Ladder Pipe. [DC/BMD/E*23]. 11:37p.m.

    2nd Alarm - NORTH PROVIDENCE, RI: 434 Woonasquatucket Ave. Fire in a 4-story brick Apartment building. Possible people trapped. *154.250* [TAC9-C51]. 11:38p.m.

    WOODBRIDGE TWP., NJ: 3rd Alarm Wall & Jefferson Streets. Structure fire. [EAN14/10]. 11:42p.m.

    WEST EARL (LANCASTER Co.), PA: 2nd Alarm at 4126 Oregon Park at Hollingers Lawn and Garden. Building fully involved. [DC/PA1]. 11:46p.m.

    GLOUCESTER, MA: MVA on Essex Road/Rt.133. Medflight en-route. L/Z Rt.128@ Rt.133. *154.1600* C158 [TAC9-C20]. 11:49p.m.

    Update - NORTH PROVIDENCE, RI: 2nd Alarm at 434 Woonasquatucket Ave. Fire on floor 2 of a 4-story brick Apartment building. Checking for extension above the fire. S/C for 2 additional Engine Companies and 1 Rescue. *154.250* C319. [TAC9-C51]. 11:52p.m.

    Update BALTIMORE, MD (54-16): 2nd Alarm occupied dwelling fire at 4213 Wilshire Ave. BC-4 reports bulk of fire knocked down. Have extensive overhaul. Searches (-). [E*23]. 11:59p.m.


    *** FirePage Ohio Report for January 16, 2003 ***

    FirePage Ohio covers all of Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Northern Kentucky. We send all of our incident notifications via E-Mail. So, if you carry an alphanumeric pager, PDA or cell phone, and that device has an E-Mail address, we can get the information to you.

    For additional information: E-Mail info@firepageohio.com or visit our web site at http://www.firepageohio.com.

    If you'd like to report an incident, please call our hotline number: 1-888-342-0143, and leave a message. Please make sure you include your name and a call back number.

    This report is complied by FirePage Ohio Dispatcher Scott Berringer (703@firepageohio.com)

    - 0049
    Cincinnati FD: W/F Box # 1346 @ 214 East Clifton. 3 sty Apt Bldg. Cos: Eng 5, 3, Trk 3, 29, Dist 1. Eng 17 - RIT. Dist 2, Res 14 OTW. FPO/D1002

    - 0055
    Cincinnati FD: 2nd Alarm Box # 1346 @ 214 East Clifton. Cos: Eng 29, 19, Trk 19, Sqd 52, MAC 1, Res 2. FPO/D1002

    - 0109
    Cincinnati FD: 2nd Alarm Box # 1346 @ 214 East Clifton. Fire K/D. Holding companies for 1 hours. FPO/D1002

    - 0225
    Warren FD (Trumbull): (Delayed form 2300 on 1-15-03) W/F 520 Douglas NW. 2 sty 4-plex, fire on 2nd floor. Car 12 reported smoke showing. Cos: Car 12, Sqd 1, Lad 1, Eng 5. Arson S/c'd. FPO/D256*

    - 0254
    Cleveland FD: W/F 9500 Cardwell. BN 2 reports a garage going. Cos: Eng 11, 36, Lad 11, Squad 1, BN 2, & Tactical Res5cuE. FPO/D700

    - 0427
    Brookside FD (Belmont): (Delayed form 2300 on 1-15-03) W/F 10 Waugh St. Heavy fire in a 2 sty house. Initial reports of people trapped. Cos: Eng 21, 413, 414, Med 21, 416, CMD 21. M/A Bridgeport FD for 2 Engines & Medic. Searches negative. BFD/FPO/D260

    - 0545
    Cleveland FD: W/F 4601 Effie Ave. 1 sty house. 2 Fatalities. FPO/D700

    - 0712
    Sharon, PA FD (Mercer): W/F Logan & Bell. Fire in unknown type structure. Recall off duty FFs. FPO/D323

    - 0748
    Columbus FD: MVA/PIN I-270 & Brice Rd. Cos: Eng 32, Med 32, 162, 23, 5, Res2cuE, Res592cuE, EMS 16, BN 6. BN 6 requesting Add'l Eng. FPO/D284

    - 0751
    Columbus FD: MVA/PIN I-270 & Brice Rd. Eng 161, Med 151, 152 enroute. Freeway closed. 2 working extrications. FPO/276/D284

    - 0802
    Columbus FD: MVA/PIN I-270 & Brice Rd. EMS 14 on the card. Med 162 & 23 to Grant with Trauma victims, Others transporting to other hospitals. FPO/276/D284

    - 0905
    Elm Valley JFD (Morrow): W/F 3751 SR 229. U 365 reports F/I house. Cos: Sta 310, Tank 24, 34, Squad 3, BN 312. RIC: Eng 33, 337, Res 31. FPO/D240

    - 0917
    Elm Valley JFD (Morrow): W/F 3751 SR 229. Command requesting more manpower. Res 21 S/C'd. FPO/D240

    - 0930
    Elm Valley JFD (Morrow): 2nd Alm Equiv 3751 SR 229. Tank 14 S/C'd. Sta 380 enroute. Move-ups being made. FPO/D240

    - 0934
    Elm Valley JFD (Morrow): 2nd Alm Equiv 3751 SR 229. Co Run Down: Eng 312, 33, 381, Tank 24, 34, 36, 381, 14, 26, Res 31, 311, 32, BT 22, Squad 3, BN 312. BN 312 has command. Water problems due to cold temperatures. FPO/D240

    - 0940
    Elm Valley JFD (Morrow): 2nd Alm Equiv 3751 SR 229. Add Tank 331, Res 381 to the cars. BN 311 (Lipps) now in command. MCSO S/C'd for traffic control. FPO/D240

    - 1305
    Columbus FD: MVA/PIN Outerbelt St & East Broad St. Cos: EMS 16, Med 5, 152, Res2cuE, Res133enG, Eng 5, 161, BN 6, 131. Multi car MVA. Multiple trauma victims. East Broad St is closed. FPO/D249

    - 1335
    Berne Twp FD (Fairfield): W/F By LT 536 @ 4544 Carpenter Rd SE. Sta 530 enroute. M/A from Good Hope Twp VFD and Bremen Rushcreek Twp FD. Heavy fire showing. FPO/D249

    - 1421
    Braceville FD (Trumbull): MVA/PIN 907 SR 534. Van vs tree. 3 victims. Sqd 16 req M/A Sta 43 for Sqd & Sta 47 for Rescue & Medic/Squad. FPO/D256

    - 1831
    Iberia FD (Morrow): MVA/PIN 9502 CR 36. 2 car head-on MVA. 2 pinned. Cos: Eng 40, Res49cuE, Morrow County Med 4, Sqd 1. M/A First Consolidated FD Med 104. FPO/240*/D260

    - 2040
    Youngstown FD: (Delayed from 2010) W/F Box # 3711 @ 1218 Crofton. Cos: Eng 12, 6, 7, Lad 22, Squad 33, BN 1, 2. Eng 6 reports fire in rear of the structure. Now K/D. FPO/D724

    - 2144
    Mantua Shalersville FD (Portage): W/F 2673 Mennonite Rd. Barn fire. M/A Aurora FD & Streetsboro FD. FPO/D701

    - 2149
    Columbus FD: W/F 826 Franklin Ave. Cos: Eng 8, 2, Lad 8, Res2cuE, Med 8, BN 1. RIC: Eng 3, Med 2, EMS 11, SO 2. Fully involved Garage. Fire K/D. Holding all companies except Med 2 & EMS 11. FPO260/284/D249

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    Boise Idaho Report

    Jan 11th
    -0830hrs - W/F - 8100 Ace St (West Boise) E6, 4, 202, T6, BC2 = Have a detached garage heavily involved.

    Jan 12th - W/F - 5000 Wylie Ln (Northwest) E9 rescues family of four from fire!!! E9, 2, 202, T1, BC1 = E9 arrived o/s w/ what appeared to be a detached garage fire behind a SFD. The building turned out to be a 2-bedroom SFD "granny flat" w/ heavy fire in attached garage. E9 (w/ T.I.) found a family of four still sleeping inside and removed all victims. S/C for EMS forthwith, WT221(due to poor w/s), BC2, and air unit.

    **Boise has numerous "Granny Flats" - these are SFD's located behind the primary SFD. In many cases they are either addressed the same as the primary residence or have no address at all. Many are garages that been converted into a residence and have to be accessed through alley ways.

    ***Thermal Imager info - Boise Fire has one T.I. on all engine Co's, Command units and Safety units. Ladder companies and the Rescue company carry two T.I.'s. This was made possible through an aggressive effort by Boise Fire Chiefs and line personnel as well as commitment from the City Council.

    Chris Campbell


    Manhattan, N.Y. 01/16/03 @ 01:30 hrs.
    Inwood Section

    Box 1803
    address: 600 West 204th. Street
    between Sherman Ave. & Vermilyea Ave.

    1803 @ 01:27
    Engs. 95, 93, 43
    Lads. 36, 45
    Batt. 19

    10 - 75 - 1803 @ 01:30
    Ladder 46 is designated as the "FAST" Truck
    Eng. 81
    Rescue Co. #3
    Squad Co. #41
    Batt. 27
    Division 7

    Fire Building:
    5 Story Brick 75 x 75
    Surrounding Properties:
    Exp. #1: Is a Street
    Exp. #2: Is a Street
    Exp. #3: Is a Similar Type attach
    Exp. #4: Is a Similar Type attach

    @ 01:33
    Battalion 19 reports, 1 - line stretched, not in operation yet. Truck's are forcing the door at this time. Primary search will be underway shortly. Fire's on the 2nd. floor. Have a light fire condition showing out 1 window of the 2nd. floor apt.

    All - Hands:
    7 - 5 - 1803 @ 01:34
    Batt. 19 reports, Using All - Hands. 1 - line stretched & in operation. Fire's being knocked down. Primary search is in progress "K"

    @ 01:38 Batt. 19:
    Primary search of the fire apt. is negative.
    All visible fire has been extinguished in the fire apt. on the 2nd floor. Primary search still in progress on the upper floors.

    @ 01:45 Division 7:
    Were going to go with Probably Will Hold.
    All visible fire has been extinguished. Primary search thru out is negative. Secondary searches are in progress.

    @ 01:48 Division 7:
    Were going to go with UnderControl at this time.
    Secondary searches are negative thru out "K"




    On Thursday, January 16, 2003 at 1206 Hours (12:06 PM PST), seven Companies of Los Angeles Firefighters including a Brush Patrol Unit, and two LAFD Helicopters, as well as two Engine Companies and one Battalion Chief from the Los Angeles County Fire Department, all under the direction of LAFD 5th Battalion Commander John Miller, responded to a Greater Alarm Brush Fire at 8400 West Hollywood Boulevard in the Hollywood Hills. An LAFD Brush Patrol Unit staffed and deployed in the neighborhood as a result of both forecast and observed Very High Fire Danger conditions, was first to arrive on-scene. They reported vegetation ablaze in steep terrain, threatening two nearby homes and fanned by light winds. The local presence of this quick-attack unit and its ability to navigate narrow streets in an expeditious manner, allowed Firefighters to quickly anchor the flames while additional vehicles and firefighting personnel made their way to the scene. A pair of LAFD Helicopters served as Aerial Command Support and Reconnaissance as aggressive and well-coordinated efforts of the tellurian crews had the flames under control in less than 17 minutes. Thanks to Firefighters efforts, the flames were confined to one-eighth acre of vegetation. There were no injuries or structural damage from the blaze. The fire was caused by careless arc-welding during renovation of one of the nearby homes.

    Yours in Safety and Service,

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department
    200 North Main Street, Room OCD - E423
    Los Angeles, CA 90012 USA

    Fax: (213) 485-2708
    LAFD E-Mail: beh9593@lafd.lacity.org
    LAFD Website: http://www.lafd.org


    Vandaila (Montgomery Co.), OH: **2nd alarm** 354 Timberlake (3) story apartment building well involved in the rear (2) supply lines down several handlines working M/A from Butler Twp, Clayton, Englewood and Tipp City FD's. [MVBN/11/1] (c)

    Mike Linthicum [MVBN-1]
    Miami Valley Breaking News



    This sight contains a lot of good fire pictures. For those of us do not understand what the term
    of greater fire means in LA. This shows some picture of them.

    Click here: CHIBI Photos



    ST. LOUIS, MO:
    St. Louis Fire Department Alarm Response:

    1st Alarm = 5 Engines (5th Engine is the RIT), 1HL, 1 heavy rescue & 2 BC's, Medic Unit & DC810 on the first Alarm.

    2nd Alarm = 3 Engines, 1 HL, 1BC, Command Post-900 & Support Staff (PIO, Master Mechanic, etc).

    3rd Alarm = 3 Engines, 1 HL, 1BC, Rescue Squad, Chief of Dept. (CFD).

    4th Alarm = 3 Engines, 1 HL, 1 BC.

    5th Alarm = 3 Engines & 1 BC.

    County FD's move up into the city engine houses on a 5th Alarm. Partial Recall of off duty STLFD Firefighters. (for example, enough to staff 6 Engines & BC).

    All Engine/Pumpers Companies are 75' Quints and staffed with 4 Firefighters. H&L: 2 are 110' & 2 are 100' platforms; 4 Firefighters assigned to each. Heavy Rescue Squads are 6 FF's. BC's ride alone.


    *** FireNet Group Of The Day: ***

    The Eastern Shore Fire Network
    9512 Rum Ridge Rd.
    Delmar Maryland 21875

    Home: 410-896-2391
    Hot Line: 1-888-744-8088

    ESFN covers all of the Eastern Shore Of Delmarva which is Maryland, Delaware & Virgina. We page up-to-the minute info on all working fire and ems alarms on the shore. We also offer ESNN, The Eastern Shore News Network which will report on local and national news stories.

    ESFN Owner
    Todd Pruitt

    ESFN Chief Administrator
    Wayne Barrall


    Special Thanks to everyone who contributes fire news. ALSO a BIG THANKS to ALL FireNet pager groups who provide St. Louis FireNet with fire info. For a listing of these groups and how you can get a fire pager please e-mail me at:


    World Of Fire E-Mail:

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    Subscribe via e-mail to: WOF_Report-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

    View working fires reports & pictures at:

    Content Copyright 1998-2003 - World Of Fire Report. All Rights Reserved
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